Just got Zuul' Goth

Thanks to GaPs. But I am not sure how to use him.


He makes a good combination with troops like either Thrall or Leprechaun to help him get up faster. Using a Medal of Anu with him is also usually a good idea (only one as medals of anu dont stack it is 20% starting mana not +20% starting mana) The epic troop Centuragon pairs very well with him as well especially alongside a storm providing colours Zuul’Goth can use. The skulls he makes after casting can be recycled with Centuragon back into mana Zuul’Goth can use.
an example of a team using this method
he also works well in delves combined with HKI you want to make sure HKI devours quickly so he is less vulnerable to skulls that Zuul’Goth makes and also does a lot more damage with them.
an example of this strategy.
good luck and congrats!

Congratulations! Now you can have some fun :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I dont have HKI yet. Also what weapon is rope dart? Is that a class weapon? I can certainly try the first set up.

Target an enemy. It kills them.


You can use a large variety of weapons with that build. Centuragon and Zuul’Goth are the important parts. Rope dart is nice because it removes all armor deals damage entangles them pulls them to the front and gives an extra turn.

Very helpful advice reminds me of this


Congratulations. Enjoy Zuul’. The best Boss troop. Actually, he is the one and only Boss. The others are just pretending.


Congrats and hope you will enjoy him/her/it mate!

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Yeah very excited to be able to get him so early. I bet it was a huge effort before they introduced GaP.


Centuragon and Zuul’Goth make such a nice couple it inspired me to make these graphics when Centuragon was released. Leprechaun didn’t want to be left out.



I see people posting teams like this all the time. How are you generating these images?

On windows 7 and up if you press windows key + shift + s it brings up the clipping tool letting you click and drag a box around the area of the screen you want to screenshot and puts it in the clipboard and you can then paste that image in discord or the forums etc.

How does Centuragon deal with high skull damage? Isn’t Gorgotha a better choice?

Personally I put my Hero up front with a class that gives Barrier, then Centuragon, ZG and Leprechaun.

Since Zuul freezes everyone so they cant often get too many skull matches back at you, sometimes Centuragon devours which also helps him survive. Often I am using this with elementalist which can help with the entangles as well as rope dart entangles as a free turn. On top of only getting to make one match on their turn because they are frozen and often entangled if there are enough skulls on board Zuul can create a 4 match and you don’t get hit by skulls if you keep your turn. If your stats are high enough Centuragon can afford to take a couple skull hits. The team often loops pretty good going Leprechaun,Zull,Cent,Zull,Cent,Zull with the occasional rope dart in there.

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Yeah, once I made the Zuul’agon team, I rarely use anything else (outside of Rowanne’s speed team). It’s just so damn good.

Elementalist EoE

Is what I use. Leprechaun is needed for PvP, but elsewhere you could throw in Thrall above Zuul, where the fast start is less necessary.

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A few good ideas I see in this thread. I now want to try pairing Zuul with Centuragon.

I have been using the following setup for D12 explores for quite some time. In any kingdom, though stealthy opponents can slow me down.



I enjoy an “exploding storms” style of play, which is why three characters explode gems. Usually generates mana for Zuul’Goth quickly.


And watch out for these guys. For some reason, it seems that the AI always targets my Zuul’Goth. :unamused:

Kingdom Boss Killer
Adana Carlson Marshall
Blackhawk Kendrala Bloodjewel
Blighted Lands Lucifria
Bright Forest Birchthorn
Broken Spire Igneus
Darkstone Umbraxis
Dhrak-Zum Moira Cragheart
Divinion Fields Nightwing
Dragon’s Claw Lady Garnetia
Drifting Sands Tyran and Rex
Forest of Thorns Faemark
Ghulvania Carmella
Glacial Peaks Freya
Grosh-Nak Bor’Gakk
Karakoth Eldritch Guardian
Khaziel Mortlach Stoutbeard
Khetar Morterra
Leonis Empire Wazir, Manticore Prot.
Maugrim Woods Ulfr Huntsmaster
Merlantis Tuskor
Mist of Scales Algorak the Slayer
Nexus Valiant Pyrea
Pan’s Vale Caprinicus
Pridelands Night-Slayer
Shentang Xiong Mao
Silverglade Lord Ehrondil
Sin of Maraj Envoy of Pride
Stormheim Halfgrim Half-Giant
Suncrest Pavos Dawnwind
Sword’s Edge Queen’s Herald
Urskaya Berengari
Whitehelm Patience
Wild Plains Earthcaller
Zaejin Hellcackle
Zhul’Kari Tarantella

Here you go!