Journey tier buy requirements

I’m sure the answer is here somewhere, but just can’t find it… What is the tier buy for a guild to get all the rewards? Meaning for each 30 players… If everyone would take the hardest road.

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It’s hard to quantify, since 2 players could play the same 75 miles battle:
Player A: Gets lucky with skyfall drops and kills the AI team in under 10 actions.
Player B: Is unlucky and takes more than 10 actions to win AND loses a troop to AI lucky skull drops.
Player A: Gets the full x3 mileage: 225 miles.
Player B: Gets his score docked and only gets 205 miles.
Times that by 30 players for every battle, and the range can be just too wide to predict if a lower Tier will be sufficient, and you probably will have to err on the side of caution and go 1 Tier higher.

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Right now i believe Gary said the theorical limit is 0 tier, but I would say to buy at least 1 tier for the troop and quick battle (Enchantment potion)

There’s a weapon in the event shop this time around and everyone should be buying those tiers to get weapons as it saves you diamonds later.

There’s also the Pathfinder troop, Death Claw. The previous Pathfinder troop, Hawthorn, somehow failed to show up in chests for several months, even though it was supposed to be in there. It’s pretty likely this will get messed up again, so it might be a good idea to buy enough tiers for at least one copy for collection purposes.