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Join our guild "FORTRESS" for a laidback but active crew! No guild mins, just fun!

We started small and grew to 20 but we slowly shrank so it’s time to recruit again. We have some higher ranking members and lower ranking ones as well. If you want a guild that’s super chill and fun to be a part of, join FORTRESS. We are open for recruiting!

Would like to know why I was kicked out. Androna Madair

I have no idea, I just thought you left. I’ll try to find out

I’m guildless……… sad

What?! You still can’t get in? I guess I would send a guild invite but I’m not sure how, lol. Fortress is your home. Be patient and we’ll get you back in. If it’s open you should be able to get in. Maybe you have to wait for a week or something idk

There is no wait time, go to guild tab, click on manage/admin & invite should be there, if you’re on PS4 it’s the triangle button I think. Input his invite code & click ‘invite’ :+1:t2:

Thank you Casper1875

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No worries, hope you get it sorted out…