Looking for PS4 guild

Returning player looking for active PS4 guild, I play for a few hours atleast everyday. Invite code is Synthus

Hi, what is the rest of your invite code? PM me if you like, we are rising through the ranks & have no requirements other than you stay active :slight_smile:

Nvm, I tried inviting you but it states you’re already in another guild! If they put too many requirements on you let me know - always welcome…

Yea, I tried joining a guild randomly last night and realized I was the only one active this whole week, I have left it though. So f you want to invite me feel free.

Invite incoming :smiley:

Still showing as you being in a guild? Is it just Synthus or do you have anything after it on your invite code?

Nope just Synthus

Still waiting for the invite, hopefully you can get me in before the reset, and I can start adding tot he guild.

Did you leave your current guild, because invites can only be sent if you aren’t currently in a guild.

I wasn’t in a current guild, I left it yesterday, not sure why it said I was in a guild. I’ve just been sitting here farming maps and gold all day.

I did try a few times last night mate, it kept insisting you were attached to a guild! (I even tried with lower case & caps :slight_smile: ) Winter (who has replied to you) is the Guild leader so hopefully he can sort you out…

It’s ok, I ended up joining another guild last night, Not sure why you couldn’t invite me but I got into their guild ok. Best of Luck and thanks.