Shadow Force looking for members

We are looking for people who like us enjoy a break from life and or other games. We are a family, both gamers and real life. We play everyday and all of us contribute to tasks, trophies, and so on to build our guild. Level 11, rank 4937, 300+ trophies,we are a low level guild but with only 7 in the members we are not doing to bad. Please feel free to send me your invite code @ QUEEN_RACHEL.

yes i have one does your family play on pc as well?

FYI: I moved your post into the PS4 Guild Recruitment section. It will probably attract more attention there than in the Uncategorized section.

Sorry we only play the PS4.

@nex thank you i am still learning the forums.

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Aww isn’t nex sweet.

@killerman3333 i appreciate all the help i can get lol. If your looking for a PS4 guild you are more than welcome to join us. We only have 7 members. Myself, hubby amd son are 3. My husband and i are on daily he is disabled and i am on medical leave due to surgery. So he and i have a lot of spare time right now.

I don’t even have a ps4 or i would.

No problem. I’m happy to help!

Hi how far along are you with your Guild I only ask because I have a Guild with 11 members 30% gold bonus,and was wondering if you were interested in joining forces.I understand if you have already put a lot of work in it’s hard to give up and join someone else.We have room for 30 members and I play daily as do a number of other members,just looking to fill up the Guild with friendly easy going group of people who enjoy GoW.
PSN SirWaylander if you want to chat further if not I wish you all the very best and happy gaming :slight_smile:

@waylander63 we have 7 of 19 and level 9 or 10. Most of my guild are friends from other games we play but thanks anyways.

Hey there lvl 40 here looking for a good guild. On mostly everyday my invite code is Taten_61WS

@Taten i tried to send you an invite but looks like you found a guild. Good luck.

yes sorry about that Taten messaged me as well :slight_smile:

Yes sorry kind of mass pimped myself out xD

@FoldinBoxes if you are still interested in an active guild we have several slots open. We are only a level 11 guild but we all get on and play daily. My psn is QUEEN_RACHEL if you are interested.

Well the offer of joining forces with my Guild is still open to you we are level 22 with 13 of 30 members,when I checked a couple of hours ago we had just passed the 1,000 trophies mark.Together we make a stronger team giving everyone a bonus plus the Guild owner would have the 2nd in command places giving you control over where the mana bonus goes etc.
There’s no rules just enjoy the game i’m a daily player along with a few other members,if you change your mind then just PSN Sir-Waylander

I am looking to join a guild on the ps4 I am an active player and I play daily my invite code is MERLIN_RKAF