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Looking for very active and competitive guild

I’m at level 100. I will contribute all I can to build guild and defeat enemies. I’m competitive and succeeding.

Hey there did you already find a new guild?
If not come to : Shining Force 1
You’re welcome.

I’m looking for build a big accesfull guild.
I’m on my way

Sorry may for bad English
Come from Germany; :wink:

@Forsberg ShadowForce is also looking for members we are faily new as guild leader im only lvl 84 but our team does what they can to donate gold to tasks and win trophies. Check us out.

Thanks I’ll check it out.

not sure if your still looking for a Guild but if your still free then Robin Puds Merry Men would be happy to have you.We have 11 members Guild Tasks are being done all the time,there’s a 30% gold bonus,plus we are working towards 800 Trophies in the next day or so.

PSN Sir-Waylander if your interested or wish to know more Many thanks and happy gaming :slight_smile:

Its open to join. You do not need an invite. I will b on ps4 tomorrow. We are on ps3 tonight