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iWatch app for tribute

Would be great.

The team likely would not be able to develop something specific to iWatch, but the suggestion for allowing players to receive tribute notifications when their tribute is ready to collect on mobile has been made a few times already, so this has been passed on the team already too! Thank you for the suggestion :smiley:


Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t the tributes hourly?

A timer app for 1 hour works for me.

I use a simple 1 hour timer to let me know my tribute is ready when I am playing another game.

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True, but I can see how a player might like the already existing push notifications to also deliver more notifications for Tribute collections.

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Unity has an iWatch toolkit so a click-to-collect gow tribute app would be trivial, and then you’d be cooler looking in the App Store. Make it happen! :slight_smile:

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