Repeating tribute notifications

This is completely out of character for me but I want more notifications. I know, right?

Right now, I absolutely <3 that I can get notifications when my kingdom tribute is ready to collect.

But sometimes I’m in a meeting or something and miss that notification. Then I forget GoW exists for a while. The tribute notification is polite right now and won’t repeat.

I’d kind of like an optional new repeating notification? This one would happen again an hour after missed tribute, or even 2 hours. I’d turn it on.


I could get behind this, especially if it’s an optional feature that I can turn off when I want. I will freely admit that a game telling me multiple times a day “Come back! X kingdom needs you!” would be annoying as heck, but if it’s something I turned on myself, then that’s on me.

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Well I mean you already opt-in to a once an our “Come back!” by getting the initial ones, but if you don’t answer the nag it doesn’t repeat. This is just kind of like an “I want you to nag me a little harder.”

Definitely should be an option though. (But all of them are currently options!)