Summary screen for Tribute

I would like to see a different type of summary screen for Tribute. Especially on PC, the current summary disappears with a single click, and even if you don’t click, it fades in a few seconds. For various nerd-related reasons I’ve been trying to track my Tribute earnings and unless I snap a screenshot it is almost impossible to record the amounts before they fade.

I’d love to have a summary screen similar to what we get from collecting mail, opening chests, or buying Glory packs, where it requires player input (either clicking the X or clicking somewhere outside the summary window) for it to fade.

Make this a toggle so players who don’t want to fuss with it aren’t bothered by it, but please help those of us who want to geek out with the data have an easier way to do so :slight_smile:


Normally I would use one of my precious ‘Likes’ on a old idea that gets re-posted if its sound. However proposing exclusive features to one platform gets a down vote instead (If I could).

Everyone should have this.

Nowhere in my post did I state that this should be exclusive. I indicated that on PC, the summary disappears extremely rapidly. I’m all for everyone having this.

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I would like it too. I want to be able to show that when changes are made and decrease in the tributes. This last week compared to the previous 10 weeks I have only had 1 over 8 kingdoms tribute. (I stay on most of the day just to collect tribute). I have had a lots of 3s and 4s this week.

Nice idea, I’d be for this too.