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Its Back! Campaign 3 Tasks at Reset (Week 10 Updated)

I know I shouldn’t but I really did just chuckle at the ‘Gems for rent’ bit, that would be a fantastic guild name :rofl:


Campaign #6: half the tasks now take two weeks to complete


Next Campaign: All Bronze tasks are pay 50 gems. All Silver tasks are pay 100 gems. All Gold tasks are pay 150 gems. After all, every player has at least 1200 gems, right? What do they need them for except to spend them to get other things? Right? Right?

“We’ve heard all your complaints about campaign and decided to make everything you hate even worse, now please give us money” -Devs probably

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Nuevamente disfruto con esta campaña como todos los lunes… 3 mapas, forjardo piedras ridículas…, redundando en la redundancia como es habitual en el resto de pruebas, es tan divertido como pisar legos con los pies descalzos.


Interesting…lots of gem rewards given out the last week or so but then we get a task list that sets us back 5 days before we can get the Mythic we paid to get. Plus it’s pretty much the only thing that gets synergy in the Lore event. Coincidence? I think not…

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I say “could care less” because I care enough to tell you how little I care. If I cared less I wouldn’t even bother to say anything. :rofl:


Looks like it’s next week where my attitude is paying off…
so in 1st camapaign i did all tasks, just to have a go
in 2nd i’ve stopped after getting books of deeds and writs from free track
3rd campaign → same attitude, so i’m @890 with no intent on:
→ doing more explore d10+ in suncrest this week
→ using hammer as weapon (task from previous week, where i’ve stopped)
→ spending my event keys (at least not in current week, no point in that)

Looking forward for campaign 4 rewards track to see where I should set another “ignore this mode” checkpoint.

Have fun people!

I actually had purchased the last 2 Campaign passes because I had nothing else I wanted/needed to buy with my Play Store credits. I was set on purchasing this pass until this last week and seeing these tasks. No thanks. I’m glad I always decide to wait until the last week before buying it.