Campaign 7 Guide (Week 10, 2021-12-27)

Campaign 7 Week 1: Silverglade

Team Code used: [6713,1283,6713,6713,3009,2,3,3,1,1,2,1,14028]

Cheers, Gary.

//edit: updated for Shadow Dragon.


Is Queen Aurora in the weekly event?

It’s “Defeat Shadow Dragon in any battle,” and Shadow Dragon is in the event.

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I don’t know where @Starlite is… I completed the tasks for Purple Kills, 200 Gold, and Elf Kills (Bronze 4, 5, and 7) while completing Gold task 1. With the special Battlecrashers, I also completed Bronze 6: Kill a Treasure Gnome.

Hey. My mental health and sleep have been awful. And it’s hard to know if my work is helping people or not.

Luckily, this week is really easy to strategise just from Gary’s list.


I do find your work helpful and especially like your reminders of how people can set event-friendly defenses. Be well and enjoy a deserved break if you need it :+1:


Campaign 7 Week 2: Pridelands

Team Code used: [6077,1241,6077,6077,3005,2,2,1,2,2,3,3,14016]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 7 Week 2 Strategy

Bit of a strange set of tasks this week. Two days of Dungeon (S1), 2 Event Keys (B7), but no Adventure Board, so use that for team-restricted battles (B8, S4). There’s no real optimisation to be done, either. Basically, just run through the Bronze tasks, then fill in the others. You will need a Daily Delve Sigil (B6), and I’m inclined to reroll killing Behemoth (G1) if the World Event is unfavourably structured.

  1. Kill Behemoth 5 times (G1) – candidate for rerolling.

  2. Explore Pridelands once at D2+ (B1)

  3. Win 4 Ranked PvP battles (B2)

  4. Earn 200 Gold in battle (B3)

  5. Craft 1 Red Summoning Stone (B4)

  6. Use the Sunspear class for 4 wins (B5)

  7. Complete 1 Delve at Level 30+ (B6)

  8. Open 2 Event Chests (B7)

  9. Use a Pridelands team for 4 wins (B8)

  10. Win 4 battles in a single Arena run (B9)

  11. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B10)

  12. Get 44 Raksha kills (G2)

  13. Win 6 Dungeon battles (S1) – reroll at the start if you simply must finish on Monday.

  14. Get 45 Red kills (S2)

  15. Match 300 Red Gems (S3)

  16. Use the Proud Banner (RR) for 15 wins (S4)

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to 3 Behemoths and Spiritmane (or 4 Spiritmanes, later in the week): [6499,6077,6077,6077,3019]


Campaign 7 Week 3: Wild Plains

Team Code used: [6304,1234,6304,6304,3027,2,2,1,1,1,2,2,14020]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 7 Week 3 Strategy

Nothing too dramatic this week. Killing Frostfeather may be a pain, depending on the structure of the World Event. Make sure you have 25 Glory Keys (B8) and 2 Event Keys (B10). And hold the Adventure Board (B5). I recommend using the Dungeon for team-restricted tasks, particularly B7.

  1. Use a Vault Key to kill 3 Treasure Gnomes (S1).

  2. Craft 1 Red Summoning Stone (B1).

  3. Explore Wild Plains once at D3+ (B2), as you start to work on getting 44 Tauros kills (G1) and matching 300 Green Gems (S2).

  4. Use the Horned Banner (RG) for 4 wins (B3). You can use the Adventure Board.

  5. Use the Shaman class for 4 wins (B4). Again, you can use the Adventure Board, but don’t do the final battle until you cash in your Stars.

  6. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B5).

  7. Get 45 Red kills (S3) and earn 200 Gold in battle (B6). You can go back to exploring Wild Plains, or start on weekly Ranked PvP – or use a Pet Rescue.

  8. Use a Wild Plains team for 4 wins (B7). The Dungeon, pet rescue and fast Explore are good options, and possibly the World Event.

  9. Use an Axe weapon for 15 wins (S4).

  10. Open 25 Glory Chests (B8)

  11. Complete 1 Delve at Level 40+ (B9). Wait for the Tuesday Faction Event, if needed.

  12. Open 2 Event Chests (B10).

  13. Kill Frostfeather 5 times (G2), either in Casual PvP or possibly the World Event.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to 4 times Frostfeather, filling any gaps with Skeleros or a Shaman Hero using Warrior’s Axe: [6144,6724,6724,6724,3030]


Campaign 7 Week 4: Nexus

Team Code used: [7090,7102,7092,7097,3080]

Cheers, Gary


Okay, so I+2 are messing with us – we think.

Rather than breaking everything down this week, I’m just going to make some general recommendations:

  1. Don’t do the Nexus questline right away.

  2. Reroll the Dungeon task immediately.

  3. Follow the Bronze tasks anywhere that suits, until it tells you to Explore the Nexus.

  4. Unlock S2 (kill King Heliodor), then do the Nexus questline.

  5. King Heliodor should also appear in Nexus Explore and Challenges.

  6. Keep following the Bronze tasks in the usual way, then mop up.

For PvP defence (NOT Guild Wars), set 4 Urska Druids with either Merlantis or All-Seeing Eye banner: [6589,6589,6589,6589,3036]


Can’t remember how to unlock the new class which we need for “Nexus team task”.

Find it , sorry
“Each Hero Class is unlocked by completing an extra Quest-line from a specific Kingdom. You must complete the original Quest-line before the Hero Class Quest-line becomes available.”

Oh, well

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Sorry, I thought I need nexus class to “Nexus team task”

just use my team. it’s not good, but it works :wink:


Sometimes, that’s all you need :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks a lot, Gary!

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Graphics will not be posted in time, since beta was shut down, and no access yet.
I heard this team might be a good choice though: [6358,1240,6085,6939,3028,2,3,2,1,3,2,1,14010]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 7 Week 5: Divinion Fields

Team Code used: [6358,1240,6085,6939,3028,2,3,2,1,3,2,1,14010]

Cheers, Gary.


Not much point my doing weekly Strategies any more: by the time I know what the tasks are, most of you will be finished.

All I can say is, hang on to your Dungeon and Adventure Board, and enough keys of each type to cover the basic tasks.

Set your regular PvP defence team to feature the special troop we need to kill, and fill any excess positions with Treasure Gnomes initially, then the colour and type we need to kill, choosing whatever does the least damage or buffing.

Good luck everyone!

PS: It’s sad that Inf+2 don’t actually want to promote community activity. :cry:


Campaign 7 Week 6: Nexus

Team Code used: [1101,7097,7099,7093,3080,2,2,2,3,1,3,1,14034]
Cheers, Gary.