It's 4.4. Let's Talk "Gem Value" (for fun!)

Nope and nope. I’m just saying if I saw Epic or above I’d do the task.

I’m not doing 2 of my 3 daily chores today. Engagement tells them “this is great”. Don’t give in.

Love the New AB… sure there are resources that aren’t needed by me but our lower level players need resources too. This is a good positive thing here. Thank You Devs.

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IOne thing I noticed after making an alt @ lvl15 lol and I realised that the task are not given accordingly to players lvl.
My main over 1k got tasks to fight troops @1.5k with minors stones as a reward and my my new alt at lvl15 need to fight 11k battles and gets 30 gems :pensive:
My main didn’t have skip option compare to my new alt

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You are trying to find a global value for items that players individually value vastly differently. Never worked for the devs, won’t work for you either. Instead, find your personal value for each item, then apply it to your own daily task rewards to measure how well you yourself fare.

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You’re absolutely right. that’s what I’ll do!