August "Rewards"


Probably has more “gem value” than last month lmao.

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90 diamonds & 85 gems = Nice.
Everything else = Meh


Logging in and collecting those rewards takes maybe 30 seconds per day.

I’d say you are getting your 14 minutes’ worth there.


To get the rewards you do absolutely nothing. I’ll take 90 diamonds and an orb of chaos for “doing nothing”. That’s like an extra week of dungeons for zero effort. I get why that might not be exciting if your collection’s full, but what rewards are really exciting at that phase of endgame?


Is this about there not being mythic ingots on the calendar? Because yeah, that makes me a bit sad since I don’t do PVP and login is the only way I ever get some, but eh. I’m happy with whatever I get for free.

I really wish stuff like the treasure maps would be replaced with white pet food or something, though.


Rotating the monthly rewards doesn’t seems unreasonable, not every month needs to have a big value, but they could change the last day to be an Major Orb of Chaos just to make it a little more special.

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Oh, right, I forgot about mythic ingots.

I’ll revise my answer to “I’m a bit peeved, but do like the free stuff.”

I’m pretty sure the economy can take everybody getting one free mythic ingot per month more.

Could use a few more Treasure Maps


XD nooooOOOOoooo!!!

I get the feeling this month is more “new players oriented”, but just now i noticed something, the only rewards not gettig any increase are the gem keys and treasure maps…

Is this an error @Saltypatra, @Cyrup or @Ozball?