It's 4.4. Let's Talk "Gem Value" (for fun!)

I want to make it clear right away that this isn’t a “the adventure board sucks, bring back daily tasks and snotstones!” post. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m convinced that the AB is a good change ( i was convinced from the moment it was hinted at). I have a spreadsheet going to log my AB rewards to see just how much better the AB is for me. And I’d like to assign a gem value to any reward that I possibly can. This is all just for fun because I’m loving the AB and I’ve been inspired. The problem is that I’m too stupid to do this with my own brain power and I know that there are much smarter people on these boards than I. Id like to assign gem values (only where applicable) to the resources obtainable from the AB. Gold, glory, souls, traitstones, all keys, etc. will anyone help me out? Keys will be the easiest since keys can be bought with gems. but since I have stockpiles of keys, I cant see how much they cost. Id be really interested in your thoughts and input. so far Ive got that 1 gem = 1 gem :wink: and 1 VIP key = 50 gems. I’ll make a list and update it if people have values to contribute.

Here’s what I’m going with so far based off suggestions:
1 gem = 1 gem (figured that one out all by myself)
1 gem key ~ 9 gems
1 glory key ~ 2.25-2.5 gems
1 VIP key ~ 45 gems


side note: was there a hint by the devs at orb rewards from the AB or am I crazy?

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I’m pretty sure there was!!! Not sure when, e.g. now or in the future. Also, I don’t think this rules out you being crazy.

Sometimes it can be hard to quantify some of these resources, since their value can differ depending on the stage of the game you’re up to, or even just the criteria by which they’re compared.

For example, Souls realistically have 0 value for end-gamers, although newbies will find them useful/valuable.

Keys will (generally) always have value (although there’s no substitute for the versatility of raw Gems!!!).

That being said, let’s get this started!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

1 Gem Key = 9-10 Gems, depending on the pack you buy (1 for 10 Gems, 50 for 450 Gems).

I’d argue for 9 Gems, since I realistically don’t know too many people who open Gem Keys one by one (although 10 at a time for 100? 95? Gems doesn’t seem too unrealistic for some). Others may argue that opening Gem Chests one by one is in fact the better way, since you may get the troop you wanted on your 1st Key, effectively ‘wasting’ the remaining 49 Keys you buy.

For Glory Keys, there are several ways to compare them, I’d say. The simplest, imo, would be looking at the value ascribed by the Devs in Guild Tasks! The Red Task 12/12 awards 20 Gem Keys, while Yellow and Brown award 80 Glory Keys. This puts Gem Keys as 4x more valuable than Glory Keys, or:

1 Glory Key = 2.25-2.5 Gems, depending on your valuation of Gem Keys, above.

(I decided to just leave it here as a start since I don’t want to spend all day on it :relaxed:. I can come back to it later, or I’m sure others can/will pitch in.)

Thank you! this is a great start. I was afraid people were just going to tell me to F off. maybe that will come later, we shall see.

Noted, absolutely.

I like the values you’ve come up with so far and ill see if i can get a list going like I said I would. Also I agree that some of these things definitely wont have gem value, and that’s totally fine.

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The whole “point” of gem value is a psychological trick F2P games play. AB plays several other psychological tricks.

If there is one currency, everything is easy to understand. If we say a gold key is worth 400 gold, and a gem key is worth 1000 gold, and so on, then everything can be compared in terms of one base currency and we can make strong arguments for if the rewards’ balance. If there are multiple currencies, it gets more complicated. Especially if some currencies can’t be converted, or if there are multiple conversion rates.

That’s definitely the case of GoW. I can technically convert gold to gems, but only via LTs which means I have to spend a lot and the rate is random. Not much else converts to gems. Dollars convert to gold or gems, but at variable rates that change consistently based on what deals are available. Many other currencies are not just inconvertible, the only way to obtain them is via luck. How do I compare the value of a diamond to a mythic ingot? What about an epic ingot? Event keys?

It means if you’re comparing two deals for two different classes of items, it’s very difficult to agree on a value because once a luck-based currency is involved the only value measurements are subjective. This is the psychological trick.

Maybe the other complex thing here isn’t really a psychological trick, it’s a side effect of lumping several things together. Daily Tasks were always random, even with a refresh you were praying for a good refresh. But the weekly events were somewhat predictable and had fixed rewards for fixed effort.

Overall, “random rewards” are harder to evaluate than “fixed rewards”. If I say I’m going to give you 100 diamonds/week, you know exactly when you’ll have 4000 diamonds: 40 weeks. Now what if I say I’ll give you on average 100 diamonds/week based on random probability?

There’s only about a 50% chance you’ll get your 4000 diamonds in 40 weeks. There’s a 25% chance you’ll have more. There’s a 25% chance you’ll have less. Maybe I decided to give out between 10 and 190 diamonds daily. That means some lucky saps have 7500 or more diamonds. And some suckers only got 400. When I say you’ll get “an average of” 100 diamonds/week, you need to know the range of values to understand your true rates. If the range is [90, 110] then you can say “Oh, 39-41 weeks”. If the range is [50-150] then you’ll probably want to estimate 38-42 weeks. You won’t know where you fall until you’ve been through most of the interval.

So I don’t like a system based on “average value” because it means a player with bad luck gets less rewards for doing the same thing. If you argue, “but it will balance out over time”, probability doesn’t work like that. The length of your losing streak doesn’t matter to probability. It can always get longer, unless the system is set up to correct it. Now, we also don’t know this about the AB.

It’s possible they guarantee the average. How would you do that? Well, let’s say I want to average 300 gems/week. I can note that means a set of combinations of 20 and 100 gems that add up to 300 is { 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 100, 100 }. Then I can shuffle that set and call it your rewards for the week. If you always get 5x 20 gems and 100x 100 gems over 7 days, you will always average 300 gems/week, but can’t always predict when the 100 gem days come. We haven’t seen 7 days or 30 days of Adventure Board so we can’t accurately tell if they are guaranteeing the average like this. (It’s certainly not in the game data.)

So due to the complexities involved, it’s way too early to draw any conclusions. Some people have 300 gems today and are ecstatic. Others have 60 gems today and want to know why Sirrian hates them. If you want my “3 days in” opinion: “It’s just like PvP points: people get different rewards for the same effort and it’s inherently unfair. Scrap it.” If you want a positive response, I think the community should stop asking the community to have a final verdict every 2 hours.


That was a very well thought out explanation.

Also, I’ll be putting you in this category of asnwers for now.

I guess lost in the weeds is I think the concept of trying to define some base value for the rewards so we can see if/how it averages out is noble. I’m just concerned that most of the rewards can’t be objectively assigned a value in any currency, and suspicious all of these difficulties are meant to combine such that it’s hard for players to notice if rewards fluctuate downwards.

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I definitely agree. But I’m just trying to have myself a fun little spreadsheet project.

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A Glory Key has absolutely no Gem value because it’s not possible to buy Glory Keys for Gems. So a Glory Key is a Glory Key (worth 20 Glory) and a Gem is a Gem.
A bit of the same for Gem-Keys because I go for Event-Weapons and VIP Keys only. (While every now and then I make an exception). To be fair: It’s more comparable. So 1 Gem Key = 9 Gems might be the value for many players (450 / 50).
Following the same logic as for Gem Keys a VIP Key value is 45 Gems (2250 / 50).

(So I’m probably p***ed off when this system comes to Switch. I need my Gems for Weapons and Diamonds. Every other Gem goes into VIP Keys. So if they cut Gems for anything else it’s bad for me.)

But you wanted the maths and not complaining - so… I’m pretty near with what @Jonathan said but not exactly. For me - personally - Glory has no Gem Value.

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oh i thought they were 50 each. thank you for that info.

you dont ever use gem keys? is that because you have all the available mythics?

I edited my post for the Diamonds. But for the moment you’re right: I don’t open Gem Chests but with the Keys I get while playing.

(Drop rate is poor enough (not meant as a complaint here) so I have only 5 Mythics at this moment. I got two of them by Glory Chests and only three by opening VIP Chests. I’m Switch player which also means I’m only playing for three months now.)

Realistically speaking, given that Glory Keys can actually drop Gems as a reward (2.5% chance for 2-4 Gems), I’d say that at the very least 1 Glory Key ≥ 0.075 Gems :stuck_out_tongue:, on average.


These are the kinds of reasonings and maths I was thinking about when I made this post. Thank you.

I like the adventure board. Its Amazing. I didn’t even do the daily tasks. Now I do the adventure board every day.

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Another problem with “gem value” is that although you can get some kind of conversion it doesn’t mean it has a true value. Imagine your company paying you instead of your salary in somali shilling at the same rate as US dollars or whatever currency you’d need. Sure, it has the same value but you can’t extract it, it is way lower for you.

Imagine even worse, being paid in bottlecaps. Each bottlecap can have a US dollar assigned to it but that doesn’t make it useful.

So if you get 100 gems per week but something changes and now you get the same “gem value” you can also get treasure maps worth of 100 gems. Sure, you would say it is the same but in truth it is actually useless. I am sure economics have a name for this kind of things. Perceived value maybe? Potential value? Don’t know.

This goes the other way around too. If something that used to give you 100 gold keys now gives you gems of the “same value” that is way more useful for a player and actually is an increase of a reward. It is much harder to balance all the rewards to ensure you don’t break the economy but in a game like gems of war I’d say it is a big mistake, long run, to reduce the number of gems considering the whole game is based on players buying gems. It will just move the game to a “need to pay” rather than the philosophy of “optional pay”.

Some currencies in the game just can’t be converted, just like @Slypenslyde beautifully explained above me therefore you can’t assign a “gem value” to everything in the game.

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That makes sense. but im not giving up on my spreadsheet, so do you or anyone else have any cool ideas of what to do with the data for my daily task reward output if assigning gem value i’snt a good idea? i’m trying to make a learning project out of it.

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me too! I totally ignored daily tasks before the AB so it’s all an improvement to me.

You got me! :grin:

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Basically my valuation so far on adventure board is:

  • Gems: I’ll do it
  • Gem keys/Event Keys: I’ll do it
  • Ingots: sure.
  • Everything else: Not worth my time.

I can play 10 explore matches for traitstones faster than the 3 adventure board matches. That’s not a “bonus”. I have more than 10,000 gold keys, 100k glory, and 1.3m souls. I’d play a match for 10k glory just for fun, but I don’t need it.

That’s how I was with the old tasks. If it wasn’t gems or gem keys I didn’t bother. Sooner or later I realized how much work I was doing for nothing and ignored it.

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have you seen an ingot task yet? do we know they exist?