It would be nice to see Gems of War on Google Play Points

If I do buy something in Gems of War, I tend to do it on Google Play because I get points for my purchases. Sometimes, games have special earn rates where you’ll get bonus points per dollar spent (instead of the usual 1 point per $1, you’ll get 2-3+ per dollar spent). I’ve never once seen Gems of War represented here. Typically there are only ~6 games listed with bonus points.

Furthermore though, the “Use” section of Google Play Points lists far more games and apps, probably around 50, that you can redeem your points for in-game things at a better rate. For instance, you can redeem play points for Google Play credit at 100 points per $1 (which would mean you spent $100 and you get $1 back, but there are other ways to get points).

However, the games listed here have deals. Like you can get a $4 coupon for Angry Birds 2 but it only costs 200 points (so it has an estimated value of 400 points), or a $12 coupon for 480 points (estimated value 1200 points).

But I have never seen Gems of War listed here either.


Yessss… I totally agree!

US only? Never heard of Google Play points. Sounds like something I’d like.

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It was on there once that I remember.

I know where you’re going, wasted marketing opportunities :thinking:

But did you know there is a Gems of War sale going on right now? Devs don’t :face_with_monocle:
Marketing is something they do even worse than bug testing.

(sale I think is console only as it is a 505 publisher sale I saw on xbox)

Yeah I have over 1000 Play points and I’m not cashing it in because the only game I play is gems of War and the only reason I started playing on the phone was because my PlayStation broke and I can’t afford a new one and I miss playing gems but I’m saving for 1

Agreed! I’m at 1199 and I haven’t spent any of them. I keep holding out hoping Gems of War actually gets some attention.