It This possible? Imposible

i have the same card and dont have this damage and live

How do that?

this guy have this cards

My best guess is that the difficulty has been set higher than you want it to be.

my game set in normal mode

Kingdom bonuses also increase the health and damage levels. His, however, seem well above what is currently possible.

Are you seeing higher than normal stats on all PvP? Something where you could be bugged to a higher difficulty level.

If they are not all higher, you may want to submit this to support. I checked my hydra and anointed one, and I can’t explain the bonuses. Now, I don’t have the 5* level bonuses, but even then I don’t think they can explain the Hydra’s health.

Those are some pretty sick stats lol. If this isn’t bugged, this guy has to have like all kingdoms at level 10 and power level 5, so its still a crazy number of available stats out there.

But yeah, that hydra health is a bit absurd, so I’d check your difficulty setting.

look that

It’s so obvious you are playing on Warlord 4 dificulty.
All the cards’ stats are multiples of 3…