It’s Only Tuesday

Now what?


Now the people who want to compete for leaderboard rewards keep going and the other watch the show :slight_smile:


Take a break, do other things.

If a lot of top players start posting 10 portals closed, they’ll adjust it accordingly, while everyone else gets to struggle more.


I don’t think the dev should take this in account it’s clear they did spend alot of gems and it doesn’t represent the majority of player base

I hope not, but the way things are going with everything? who knows

On this day, you have defeated an elder god, saved the world from an eternity of darkness and have caused the most wondrous thing to happen across the globe for all of us. But for you it was


How do you know? Perhaps you may learn to recognize an unwarranted assumption when you see one.

Lol i know cause my guild did the same :slight_smile:

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Nah. We don’t work the way you guys do.

Well you will need to tell me your secret if you did it without anyone in your team spending lot of gems :stuck_out_tongue:

giggles madly. Why do you think it’s a secret? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: