It 'really hard to decide

I must admit this game is great, but I can’t decide which is the thing I like the most.

Perhaps the Kerberos that has devoured all 4 of my unit with a 100% success rate (one week ago).

Or perhaps the single Dragon Soul resurrected 6 times (!!!) two days ago.

Or the Great Maw that I fail, fail, fail to kill before it devours one unit.

Not to forget other perfectly balanced units, as the Bone Dragon.

Or the Combo Breaker who “they say” starts after five consecutive turns… but I can’t know if it’s true because combos always breaks before the fifth turn.

Or maybe, of course! … the gems drop inexplicably “remote controlled” by the A.I.!

It 'really hard to decide …


I like this. :laughing:

Ooh recall bias mixed with sarcasm, just what the forum needed…

By the last point I guess you’re on console?


Arghhh, no. Please not another “I hate RNG” thread… RNG is random, so streaky by definition. If you want to whine about the TDS resurrecting 6 times in one battle first note (write down, you won’t remember it because of recall bias) how many times it didn’t resurrect in 10 or 20 battles in a row. And so on…

EDIT: Oh, about the BD - yes, that one is broken. Hopefully not for much longer.