Iso guild, highly active, read me sbg


Easily pull 100/100 and tier 1every week, looking for a new guild because Chico from misguided misfits is a cry baby Lol, too busy wishing to catch up to santas big gifts and sucking the fun out of the game, watch out for that guild and if you are in that guild stand up for yourself or you’re gonna get kicked, oh and death and boats, Chico despises you so keep up the good work lmao,


You know… Until I got to the part about you dissing/flaming/ragging another Guild, I was actually pondering offering you an invite. However, I’ve reconsidered this idea.

Be well.


I’m not dissing the guild, just the leader… I got kicked for no reason and I’ve contributed 1.5 million along with 1000 trophies in 2 months, I think I have a reason to be upset… But I mean if no guild wants a good contributor and a loyal player so be it, I just don’t like my hard work just thrown out the window for nothing


Is that below the minimum of the guild?

That’s less then 200k/week and roughly 125 trophies/week.

If misfits is trying to be competitive and has raised minimums to do so, that makes sense.


Minimums were 100/100


Oh, in that case I feel for you, dude… Especially if it was without warning.


Its all good, I found a guild anyways, and yeah without warning, very irritating


That sucks Mack.
Best of luck with the new guild.

Yeah Chico is a strange one, lmao


“Chico is a strange one” You should see his new clothes.


Thanks man, he was all like everyone needs to get their kingdoms to level 10, were about to catch sbg, I mean theyreonly what… 10k trophies away, must be pretty optimistic ha, moshm’s monsters seems like a better fit for me anyways


Or is it 100k away? Either way there’s no catching yall


You’re 120,00 trophies away from catching us.


Added note, you will never catch us.


I’ve played a lot this week and earnt 500 trophies and donated 350k in my guild. How people do this every week is beyond me tbh. The game is awesome but it takes over your life.


I think that’s pretty obvious dustin


That was supposed to be tongue in cheek, no offense meant.


None taken man, you guys are pretty untouchable though


Crimson Sky is open for new members, we’re rank 26 we’re all really easy going…you won’t get the boot unless you don’t contribute or become a pain in the…well you know lol