Looking for a top active guild


Invite tag is Fellunkn0wn_Ratq (that’s a zero not an “o” ) spent money in game so I’d like to have a guild with like player. Pm me please before invites.


I realise that sounded a little arrogant reading it again. Sorry about that, did not mean at all to have it come off that way. I would just like to be able to join an active, but serious group please. Thank you.


I just made a brand new guild. But I’m looking for serious players. Me and my friend are both serious and we want to become a top guild. I have a 99% win in Pvp. Please think about joining and help us build.


yo man if you still need a guild #5 rank guild needs people.


This will sound odd but most top guilds don’t generally spend money. This game has kind of a backwards model so being at the top of the game rewards you so heavily with free stuff you don’t really need to spend any money. I get around 900 gems a week in a top 3 guild and haven’t spent anything since joining them. Don’t know how many iron keys we get but I’d guess probably 100+ a week.


Do you still need people? I’m level 100+ now.


We have 1 spot open but the leader is mia for real life emergency right now. Not sure if there is anybody in the pipes for it. In general we want people doing 200ish trophies a week. no official donation target


OK well get back in touch with me when you get in touch with the leader. My psn id is Fell_Unkn0wn


I’m demonicdraco on psn if you want in misguided misfits #5 I don’t spend money but I’ve got dragon armor, every card but 4 legends and am over level 200, we complete a good chunk of tasks although I’ve never kept track pretty much every day I log in I know I’m gettin some keys and gems…


Hi, our guild “Kitana” is lvl 300 ish and we are trying to get some people to get to top 50 asap.

Let me know if you are interested