Is this weekend supposed to be the vault event?

Is there pretend vault event supposed to be this weekend… As much as they freaking lie to us… I don’t know

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This weekend will be a Raid Boss weekend, well at least on PS4 it is. Sadly I think Mr. Vault Event is getting a vacation. (I gotta laugh at the sadness :person_facepalming:)

The vault weekend will take place the weekend of February 17-- seen on

The scheduled one - yes. I just wonder when they are going to make “the extra one” as it was promised. But considering the fact that they postponed the Vault event in January I doubt we can call it “the extra one”…

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Come on admins… Give us an answer… We know you can see when you’re tagged @OminousGMan , @Jeto , @Kafka


silly you’s, please remember, that ingame file spoilers like this new date don’t have to come to fruition. :wink:

you can also check user recent activity on the following two pages:

the way I see it:

Vault Friday, Dec 02, 2022 Sunday, Dec 04, 2022 - last regular vault event
6weeks in between (in recent times a normal duration)
Vault Friday, Jan 13, 2023 Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 - got canceled and stolen from us, liars would say “delayed”
5weeks in between (overall makes it a 11 week duration)
Vault Friday, Feb 17, 2023 Sunday, Feb 19, 2023 - date currently only in ingame files, nothing officially announced / confirmed yet
+we still didn’t get a promised “extra” vault weekend, nothing officially announced / confirmed yet


Well, they said after the kingdom pass. That’s still some time until then.

But I wonder when the extra will be because there’s another kingdom pass coming.

I hope they won’t run that stupid event perpetually with a week in between. It’s just so annoying.

Hey everyone,

There is no vault event this weekend when the extra vault event has been scheduled we’ll be making an official post about it.

I don’t have a date to share yet as to when it will be happening, but I’ll have one soon!

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Typical, the devs really give less than a sh1t about the players

Thank you, support human, for taking all the shit other people deserves.