Why no Vault Event in January?

No vault event is showing up on taransworld in the entire month of January and the first part of February. Just wondering if there’s one planned but the website just hasn’t updated.

Weekend events now are in a cycle of 6 weeks, if I recall correctly. So it is possible to have a month with no particular weekend event happening at all.

Dec. 25th Vault
Jan. 1st Bounty
Jan. 8th Faction
Jan. 15th Raid
Jan. 22nd Arena
Jan. 29th Invasion
Feb. 5th Faction
Feb. 12th Bounty

Something is seriously off with their schedule.

Maybe Santa(aka Cederick) is taking some time off after being overworked during holidays?

Or he bought better locks and keeps all the gnomes in cages?

I dont know. One more or one less Vault Event… does it realy matter? I don’t care. But there are always people that will find ways to complain about things other people don’t care at all…

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Did you seriously get on here to put people down about wondering why an event they care for isn’t available… real good job sytro!


I’m here just to put down some people expectations. Unmet expectations are creating some unnecessary disapointments.

Vault Event is not planned for January. Just take it as it is and be positively surprised if shedule is changed in future and it shows up… insted of being disapointed because thing are like they are…:wink:

With the 6 weeks rotation, The Labyrinth should’ve relasead on Dec 25th, which was switched for the Vault Event, that supposed to happen on Jan 08th. Now the rotation is back to normal, and maybe we’ll see it scheduled for February soon.

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I figured that there would have been a Vault event for the Lunar New Year / Valentine’s Day weekend. Makes sense, given the last Vault weekends were on Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas weekend.

Guess not.



Yet to find and Epic Vault Key was looking forward to another Vault Event in January to try to find one, already spent tons of hours on the events without finding it so I am kinda annoyed.

Maybe they took it out because too many people were complaining about having ‘too much to do in the game’.

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Nobody is complaining about too many vault events.

And they didn’t take anything out, they just switched things around. We still have one event every weekend.

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I don’t think anyone was complaining about vault events. But there are some people complaining about the game having too much content. Maybe they switched it around to appease those people?

Reposting from a chat:

New Faction  28 Aug 2020  02 Oct 2020  13 Nov 2020  08*Jan*2021  05 Feb 2021(?)
Bounty       04 Sep 2020  09 Oct 2020  20 Nov 2020  01 Jan 2021  12 Feb 2021(?)
Vault        11 Sep 2020  16 Oct 2020  27 Nov 2020  25*Dec*2020  19 Feb 2021(?)
Raid Boss    18 Sep 2020  23 Oct 2020  04 Dec 2020  15 Jan 2021
Arena                     30 Oct 2020  11 Dec 2020  22 Jan 2021
Invasion     25 Sep 2020  06 Nov 2020  18 Dec 2020  29 Jan 2021

The two in *** were swapped, for whatever reason. Arena didn’t exist in Sept 2020.
Where’s the conspiracy?

If my murky crystal ball is anything to go by, 19 Feb 2021 should be a Vault event.

Also worth noting that with a 6-week schedule (by current trends), there is a guarantee of months without a vault event, since a month has at most 5 Fridays.


I can’t confirm when the next Vault event will be, but there will be more. Vault Events aren’t on a regular schedule, as I’ve mentioned in the past. We slot them in where we can. <3

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They are easy to slot in @Saltypatra . Reduce the much hated Arena events and add a Vault event. See, that was easy! :slight_smile:


Interesting data. The addition of the Arena to the weekend rotation has the effect of slowing down new faction releases and the eventual completion of the Underworld. Any additional events being added to the rotation anywhere in 2021 will slow new faction releases down even further. As such, Underworld completion is appearing to be increasingly likely not to happen until early 2022, despite only a few factions are left to be released.

According to Taransworld, there is a Vault weekend scheduled for February 19-21.

They are extremely easy to slot in an Arena weekend event. People would play arena more if that is the case. Could be conditional. Vault weekend is not a stand alone event to slot in between weeks. Am I understanding it right?