Is this Possible? (90s/PVP)

How can make 113 PVP wins in 180 minutes? (90s/PVP include: pre-buff + win animation)
@Sirrian @Nimhain can you check this?

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I understand your frustration and I appreciate your effort to censor the name of the player you suspect. Unfortunately, there is little any of us can do about botting, if and when it occurs. If you ever do find a suspicious player, our wonderful and responsive devs Nimhain and Sirrian have promised to investigate. You can PM either and they will look into it. I’m sorry that botting exists in this community.

This is an issue where the pvp leaderboard is not correctly updated so some people end up with their pvp stats not correctly reset. Aka it is a bug most likely and not botting.

Nah killa, I played one pvp game and in that time that player completed six matches. My match went for around 3mins.

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I don’t think so, He is one of top player. If not reset, then his PVP Points must be >5.089 points

True but look at his defence though, you get pulled from ladder after a certain number of people battle you. In 3 minutes, i doubt he would be attacked that much. Also those battles seem to be worth around 45 points each.

Yes, 90 seconds per win on average is about what I clocked myself at when I tried going as fast as possible a couple weeks ago (41 matches in just under 60 minutes). Yes, that includes load times. If you get an optimal setup, some matches are sub one minute. My fastest explore 1 shot team I clocked at ~42 seconds on average over multiple matches, but ~30 second map-to-map runs are possible (single match 4 > instant win). Any faster than that I would say would more than likely be a speedhack or other hack rather than a bot.

If you suspect cheating, PM the devs.

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Not exactly the best idea to compare farming explore (where you go for NORMAL difficulty and - like you admitted - one shot the entire team) to 3-trophy high lvl pvp where there’s simply NO WAY of one-shotting the enemy team.

Fast pvp like that was possible when Mab came out, pre-impervious. Nowadays, sorry but the times you listed apply exclusively to explore, for pvp it’s a fairy-tale.

The closest to that with killing-pace is the team Tacet is/was running with high end mythic Bomb-bot+Manacles team, but to squeeze the amount of games in the amount of time mentioned in the first post, those would have to be weak 1-trophy teams, not 3-trophy ones … Still, doing good time with that team can work with good RNG, but did anyone see every single game going the way you want for 3-6h in a row? :wink: maybe it’s just my bad luck …

The 90 seconds per win on average is for a PvP tier 1 run, choosing the hard option except for revenges. The 42 seconds average was for explore teams.

Edit: The team in question does use a Bombot, but it is not Tacet’s team. My test run was done with an Epic ascended bombot, missing two kingdom armor bonuses, one guild state armor bonus, and no guild statue armor bonus, taking the hard option (including fighting fully maxed players), counting load times because the time was measured from the start of the run until the finish. The run in question did have no losses, and the team normally has around a 1-2% loss rate due to things backfiring on me which makes the fight not worth continuing if you are going for speed, but not extraordinarily lucky otherwise.

Well you must be incredible to keep up 90-sec matches. Or a low lvl to face only week teams for high pvp points.

Try timing only the parts of the cycle that are always there (i.e. from the moment you click TO BATTLE to the moment you can make first move, then from the moment last enemy died, to the moment you can click TO BATTLE again (or both together if you want)). The way GoW loads the data means you spend at least 10 sec on the first part (more if you have to watch the traits animation and don’t have an Empowered troop), same at the end, there’s just so fast you can “cut” through all the pop-ups at the end of the battle (excluding extra time you waste when you lvl up or each time you got attacked while you were fighting), that’s another 10+sec. Personally I would say it’s around 25 sec on average that is the non-combat time each game.

That would mean you do 65 seconds games on average, which means you get the “optimal setup” games at least as often as the “bad” ones (and the bad ones aren’t wasting you more time than the optimal ones gain).

I say nonsense, but hey maybe I’m just bad at this game. It can work short-term. I don’t believe someone can do that for few hours straight (both from human perspective and -mostly- the RNG part). The only way I can see it work is if we’re talking about a low lvl player, who faces crappy-teams and has high end team that just rolls over them. But when we’re talking about end-game (lets go with lvl500+), where you regularly face teams with 90-110 eHP per troop, no way in hell.


Several points:

  1. The player in question is not a bot. He happens to merely be an excellent player.

  2. I would expect that most of our guild is under surveillance since we were previously taken in by a botter. I suspect our guild gets closer coverage than most others.

  3. Simply because you can’t do something doesn’t mean no one else can, either.

  4. Despite your attempt to disguise the name of the player, any one could look at the leader board and discern whom you are talking about. FOR THE 900th TIME, CALLOUTS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE FORUMS! If you have reason to suspect or evidence that a player is cheating, YOU PM THE DEVS. I fail to understand why this simple rule cannot be followed.


Why has no one mentioned the fact that while he was playing the person in question came on to Tacets stream?

Said he would go ahead and lose a match to prove he is real, which he then did. Wheres that updated info?

And yeah lets now everybody get all up in arms about somebody playing too many matches too fast and just ignore the elephants that have been on the leader boards for weeks.


Oh, and one other thing - Nim appeared in Tacet’s stream and confirmed that he is real.

I wish you all had the self-awareness to be ashamed of yourselves…


I do not think i should feel ashamed, more proud to have you on my side. Great defense, wish mine was better, but none the less good defense.

Why would this info be relevant? :smiley: in what universe does it prove anything? I mean, if you were a botter and ppl would notice, why wouldn’t you do something as simple as using tacets stream to cast the suspicions away? :wink: turning the bot off to go there and say something and lose a game might take what, 60 seconds in total?

I remember how super-defensive people were about SilverSurfer too,
But that part of theory crafting aside, it seems he’s just as much a bot as the “elephants” you mentioned, since neither of them has been banned by the DEVs. If Nim did in fact say he’s not a bot, that’s good enough for me (until they change their mind and/or the math becomes even less believable :stuck_out_tongue: ). Have a good one everyone.


that’s something I fully agree with, just to have it said. I might have joined the discussion in this topic, but that doesn’t change the fact, that I believe there shouldn’t be topics like that to begin with.

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Just want to clarify what I said about this topic:

If you have a well-founded suspicion that shenanigans are taking place, please either PM myself or Sirrian on the forums, or drop a line to support, and we’ll investigate.

We may be obliged to give you a “thanks, we’ll look into it” kind of reply, but rest assured it’s not a brush-off, and we are investigating.

If it seems that we haven’t done anything, it may be that we haven’t found any evidence of misconduct. That said we are continuing to improve our code for bot detection, and will continue to review any reports we get.


Love the new avatar Nim, looks like a lady pirate hmm? :wink: Maybe a captain of a ship?

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Woohoo, hopefully not too long for the next kingdom :wink:

I love it too!

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