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Is this Challenge even possible?

Hi forum,
I’ll open with my usual what a great game this is spiel and then move straight into a series of questions for the community.
As most of you will know console players have a series of daily challenges on offer with various different rewards.
My question relates to a challenge i believe i cannot complete. It is asking me to complete 8 battles with 3 boss troops my question is, what is a boss troop?
I suspect it’s the recent event troops from Shentang and Glacial Peaks in which case, how can i complete a daily challenge with 3 troops when only 2 so called “boss” troops have been released?
Am i missing something? Can i craft some other form of boss troop, is Cedric CrackNSack or whatever he’s called a boss? I know certain Tri-Colour versions of troops are referred to as “boss” versions but i’ve only ever seen them in dungeons let alone packed one?
Maybe i’ll just have to wait until next week :frowning:
Any ideas or solutions ???
Cheers and Thank You.

“Boss” is a troop type. You encounter them several ways:

  • The current Raid Boss event will put you against Zuul’goth, a Boss, if you get past the minions.
  • Next week’s Invasion event will put you against Towers, a type of Boss. Matches can have up to four depending on how far you get.
  • Every day, the Dungeon has 3 matches that include 1 Boss troop.

So technically we know of about a dozen Boss troops, and there are limited ways to encounter them. If you literally have to beat 8 battles, each containing 3 bosses, that is only possible during Invasion weeks and it should be a bug that the task even exists.

The details are missing in your post… Without knowing the EXACT wording of the challenge it is difficult to tell. However considering how they are auto generated this is probably a bug as you may need 3 unique bosses ON YOUR TEAM. Obviously there is only 1 player boss in the game and no one has him yet.

Open a ticket to get it cleared if this is the case.


Cedric CrackNSack :’)

yeah I think it’s a bug…

Definitely a bug guys, just logged on tonight and it been changed to 3 unique Knight troops. Wow that’s impressive someone must be working overtime on a Saturday in St.Kilda.
Thanks to everyone who posted a reply :smile:


It is an easy fix. If that task appears close the game and reopen it, the boss type asked in the task will change for another troop type.