Unique Monster Troop PS4

I’m having trouble completing the task “Win 15 battles using 3 unique monster troops in your army” I don’t understand what combination they are requiring, Ive tried same city, same monster type, mana type… nothing seems to work. Any suggestions or am I missing something obvious?

Generally they require three different troops from a certain kingdom.

Use “Type” filter for troops to select Monsters, add 3 different ones then any other troop of your choice.


I tried using the filter “type” but it didn’t work…Ive tried 3 of the same type of troops from same kingdom and no luck there either… very frustrating

You need 3 unique Monster troops in your team, for example Anubite Warrior, Behemoth and Chimera, These were just the first 3 alphabetically though, there are up to 21 others for you to choose from.

Unique troop members of a group would be something like Monster Knight, Beast Knight and/or Mystic Knight. The key being that they are all Knights​! I hope this helps!

I am thinking/hoping he worked it out :smile: Has had more than 4 months to figure it out anyway… :wink: