Win 15 using Unique Monsters in your army

Is there a trick to doing this task? I have tried from different kingdoms and different types and it says -1/15 still on my list.

You’ve just got to win 15 battles using 4 (unique) monster troops. You’ve done one already - only 14 more to go!

except I haven’t that says -1/15 and has all day.

and it says 3 Unique monsters not 4.

You must have done one. Or it would say 0/15.

my other 2 tasks also said -1 so I had to do 1 extra. This is on PS4 I’m not sure if there is a bug or not.

My other 2 tasks were Win batttles using 3 unique from Khaziel -1/8 and I had to do 9 battles

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And my dailies just reset and it kept the same daily with -1/15

I think it always keeps the first until its completed. It could be a bug though, a lot of strange things happen.

Most likely a minor bug.

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