In a battle with 4 troops with the same mana type


tried 3 webspinners and a druid, then tried 4 goblins don’t think this task works.


Did you try 4 different troops (ie not the same troop type) with the same mana type?



It has to be 4 unique Troops that all use the same color, and they don’t have to be the same color combinations. (Say you pick Behemoth, you don’t need 4 Brown/Blues, just 4 Brown OR Blue)


oh i just did it with 4 common green guys… that was a pain shoulda just used a buncha purple skull guys.


Yeah, my 4-same-Mana Team ended up being;

Goblin King

I just fight the “Fortress Siege” challenge in Broken Spire, it’s easy when you can avoid Skulls and the enemy Team has a Fortress Gate :smiley: