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Is there something I'm missing about Infernus?

So, Infernus has been the bane of my pvp existence for a while, and while he has been vastly overshadowed by Ubastet’s truly insane power, Infernus is able to wreck my team in just two casts.

Finally, I got to 4,000 diamonds and was able to craft a mythic. It was a tough choice between vastly increasing my soul farming with a second Pharos-Ra and crafting an Infernus of my own. Eventually, I settled on Infernus and have been rather disappointed with him.

I don’t know why, or how, but although his stats are the same, he deals the same damage, my life/armor is comparable to my typical opponent in PVP since I usually pick the left side, but every time, enemy infernus can wreck my team in one or two casts, while my infernus requires 4+ casts to do the same to my enemy.

What am I missing here? I mean, I know I don’t have Ishbaala, but the problem I’m seeing is from spell effect more than spell speed. Is there some other synergy that is making Infernus’ spell more deadly when on other teams?

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  • pigeon pet mythic Give a boost
  • 4 x divine give another good boost
  • hero talent can also give more boost
  • divine protector + isha 1/2 mana start is brutal
  • uba + infernus = ridiculously strong

That is really the only thing you are missing. She not just gives Infernus the huge headstart of 11 mana, but when she casts it does not only fill Infernus, prepare the board for “lucky” explosion extraturns but also dishes out big skull damage, while keeping the turn most of the time for a direct Ishbaala-Infernus one two punch in one turn.
People make a big fuzz about her trait, and it is really good, but what makes this troop even more deadly is the in-play synergy with yellow Divine mythics.


And check your banner. You get a vastly different drop from double yellow at the beginning of the game than the double red you might want after his red storm starts. (Dragon banner v lantern, etc) Quick start vs self-looping later.

There are different strategies for his team builds, not quite as cut and dry as some other cards.


Gorgotha,Infernus,Apothecary and War.

Infernus is good alone. It’s only amazing with friends. It needs a 50% mana boost. It thrives on a team that can reliably enchant it. It wrecks if it’s getting team bonuses.

The reason your opponents are wrecking you is they have Ishbaala, which means their Infernus only needs 11 mana to start. She also sets up the board for really good skull damage from explosions, and cascades. Plus, also, their Infernus likely gets enchanted, which gives it 2 more mana per turn. This is especially true if they’re also running things like Diviner or Divine Protector. Honestly, Ubastet’s just icing on that cake.

Divines is too powerful, but take Ishbaala away and it’s just “very good”. With her, you get to cast mythic spells after only collecting Ultra-Rare mana.

Fairy fire maybe

To add to the good points above, is your new Infernus traited? Firestorm greatly increases his self-filling chances and Burn on 4 and 5 matches wears down the opposition faster.

Also, guild bonuses and Kingdom Levels make a huge difference in spell damage…do you have all your kingdoms at Level 10?

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Gorgotha, Infernus, (Dawnbringer or another) Mercy is a powerful combo

Ways to improve your team stats:

All kingdoms @ level 10 (+34 to stats)
5 stars in every kingdom (+34 to stats)
Pet stat boosts
Team bonuses (same mana color, race, kingdom)


That’s simply not possible and must be just your imagination.