Is there a reason why my difficulty keeps reverting back to Warlord 4?

I was playing on Warlord 4 for a while, then I switched to Normal difficulty, but the enemies keep spawning at Warlord 4. After the game is over, I check the difficulty and it has in fact been changed back to Warlord 4.

Has anyone else had this problem or know the reason why this is happening? Has this been noted in the past?

Thanks in advance.


What platform?

I should probably know this already about you but my brain … :laughing:

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If you also play the game from mobile, you can change it from mobile. I am having this bug also.

I know you can change it, but once the game starts, it goes back to Warlord 4.

I literally can’t change my difficulty now…

Yes, it is Phaethon. Exactly the same problem.
If you’re having tha problem on PC steam, and you have your account at mobile too.

Try to change it on your mobile.

I got it to change. I had to change my difficulty twice; resetting the game after each time that I changed it.

Tiresome, but it worked.

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I’ve had this happen frequently, but I mostly notice it on iOS.

Or I only Explore on iOS, I’m not sure it’s necessarily only that platform (in my case).

Same problem on pc version.

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This started on my KRUDCRUNCHY acct yesterday. No work-around I can find…

This was happening to me at least a week ago, probably more. I eventually got it to “stick” by changing the difficulty and exiting the game completely, then checking if it was set correctly when I restarted. I was testing Casual PvP at the time, so I figured maybe it was a bug with Casual PvP reverting difficulty, but it looks like it is happening elsewhere as well.

happens to me too since a few weeks ago. wasn’t just difficulty, but also when changing armor. the only workaround i could find is close and open the game again. only then i can change properly.

Thanks for the tip about logging out.

If you are going from Normal to Warlord IV you can always look at the enemy stats to verify before you hit “Battle.” That probably doesn’t work if you are only changing difficulty a little bit.

This has happened to me mostly in iOS so I started paying attention and it just hurt me doing a Challenge for the first time in PC/Steam. I also use Android but I rarely Explore (etc) there.

The iOS version of the game has had difficulty in retaining user Difficulty settings for the last 3 weeks now.

As other users have stated, the workaround is to quit and restart the game after changing Difficulty each time.

I am noticing other things starting to revert though, like an entire test team that I had just revamped completely and then I went off to do an Explore using another team. When I returned to my newest test team today-- the Naga team-- the new team slot had reverted itself back to the previous test team I had built two days earlier.

As far as reverting to previous teams and configurations, this happens all the time if you play on multiple devices.
You just have to close and reopen (sign out/in) the app when switching devices to make sure that your game state matches the server state.

If you play on only one device, then that’s definitely a proper bug.

I only play PC/Mobile Gems on my one (1) iOS device.

The problem has developed only in the last 3 weeks.


Had this happen on Steam, difficulty stuck on Normal. Logged in on Android, changed to Warlord I, logged out, logged in on Steam and it is on Warlord I now. Attempting to change to Warlord IV has no impact, it changes back to Warlord I.

So if I want to change difficulty, I have to do it on Android.

This issue happens to me also, whether I play on one device or switch to another iOS device. Happened today: kept switching to Warlord II from normal. I play highest difficulty for soul and gold farming challenges. I usually do Explore and casual PvP on a lower, if not lowest, setting to get seals quickly. If on Explore, I might retreat to reset. In casual PvP, I must tough it out until completion for that trophy or bonus (glory this week).

Can we get a dev to reply to this please, it is a pretty annoying bug, which should be pretty easy to track down, by putting some breakpoints in the code that switches/resets difficulty.

I have had this occur multiple time on PC, Mobile and PS4… You change the difficulty, go play, and find out that the difficulty has been reverted back to what it was.
Changing the difficulty again (a 2nd time) normally fixes this.

resetting/switching difficulty automatically would annoy much more players then the bug affects
and even the mqany of the players who are affected by the bug would also hate it

also i am affected by the bug but it doesnt bother me to have a fixed difficulty as its the one that i like to use

havint it automatically switch back to normal - whenever it would do - would be bothersome

perhaps you are looking for a new settings option to set “automatically change my difficulty settings after i log off to: xxx” ? but thats not something considered a “quick fix” that you demand