Is there a database or website that lists if a troop is added in chests?


I am trying to find a database or website that lists which troops are available in chests. Particularly the ones added 3-4 weeks after a campaign or event, etc.

Or is there a notification as to which troops are added into chests each week?

Thanks for any leads or information!


There isn’t!! But I can agree it’s high time the GoW team made this information readily available.

Maybe Gary or some other skilled person could make a tool that checks the Release Date listed on recent troops and spots out any that weren’t current in the previous week’s listing – but I don’t know if that’s easy or doable, and it’s also not their job.


A better option, that I mentioned before, would be to put an additional info on unowned troop sheets, if and where they can be found, similar to how it is handled with pets.


Not that I’m aware of, but would love to have that available somewhere. I used to keep track of new troops (and their expected introduction to chests) in a simple spreadsheet for my own personal use, but eventually abandoned it. Pretty sure much of it could be automated, but I don’t have the skills for that.

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