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Question on Monday's Chests

What troops are we “expecting” to see added to the Chests on Monday?

Zuul’goth and Xathenos, because only 2 of 19 2018 weeks have had a Monday update without the need for a tweak or patch.

You probably meant “scheduled” instead of “expected”.

The troops that are supposed to be released are detailed at http://taransworld.com in the Troop Spoilers. Many people don’t like seeing that information unless they go looking for it. The date is May 14.


How can the information I’m looking for be a “spoiler”, if the troops have been out for 3-4 weeks?

I’ll rephrase. What are the specific name/s of the troop/s already released that will be added to the Chests on Monday. Not including any new Kingdom stuff. Also, I dislike this 3-4 weeks CYA stuff.

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OOOOOOH. You mean “Which troops were released previously that will be new inside the chests.”

That I don’t know. Maybe a dev can answer. Given that it’s “3-4 weeks” I can only speculate. Here’s my guesses based off the “timeline” page at gowdb:

3 weeks ago was 16 April.

  • Clockwork Sphinx and TED-1000 were released on that Monday.
  • The bounty troop Pharaoh Hound was released the Friday before that.

4 weeks ago was 9 April.

  • Morterra and Wall of Bones were released on that Monday.
  • Undine was released the Friday before that.
  • All 3 of these troops are already within chests.

So it should be Clockwork Sphinx, TED-1000, and Pharaoh Hound. It looks like the devs are on the “3 weeks” side of “3-4 weeks”. (Technically we should expect Pharaoh Hound tomorrow. Considering a new kingdom is launching, I’m not betting on it.)

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The constant statement of 3-4 weeks is bullshit. It’s ALWAYS 4 weeks.

Except… all of the 4-week-old troops are already in the chests.

So the question is really, what troops are being released every 3 weeks?

I feel like ‘3-5 weeks’ is being tossed around but was only casually said in a circumstance where someone wasn’t sure of the number.

I can’t imagine it takes so much effort to add troops to chests that sometimes it takes an extra week to do so and it takes 4 instead of 3. It’s more likely that “every 4 weeks” is the intended number, and the 3 was a mistaken statement.

None! I’ve questioned many times why they say 3-4 but no real response. My theory is so people will waste resources trying after 3 weeks.

It’s not a very good plan. You can see what’s in the chests with the tools I linked, and all it takes to not waste resources is post on the forums, “Hey, can someone tell me if they’ve found this troop in a chest?” It might mean you have to wait an hour or two. I know that can be disappointing. But it’s worth taking the time to wait before dumping all your keys.