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Is there a Correct Order?

im fairly new to the game, but I wondering is there a correct order to completing each of the Quest lines for the cities. I mean Broken Spiral, Adana, Karakoth, and Zhul’Kari seemed pretty logical to me, but now I have multiple cities available and I am not sure where to go next. I’ve dabbled in a few, but haven’t gone too far. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Generally it doesn’t matter which order you do them in. I think the only case in which you need to do one before the other is in Khaziel. To do the LAST three quests you have to have done the first quest of Adana. Other than that there is no restrictions or anything.

I would try the Magic Kingdoms first, then attack. After that you can do health and Armour.

EdIT: only just saw quest lines. Perhaps disregard my comments, but when you’re levelling to level 10, then reapply. :smile:

I think they were referring to doing the quest lines, rather than leveling them up. I don’t think there is a benefit to doing the quest lines in a certain order?

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There is in the sense that you get a free Epic with each, and some are better than others.

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True. Tyri from Zhul’Kari, Sunweaver from Wild Plains, Rowanne from Forest of Thorns are the main ones that I can think of off the top of my head.


Good insight on the Bonuses they provide for when I’m ready to level them up.
To clarify my question. Some cities unlock at a certain level. But I now have multiple cites available to do the main quest line and I am not really sure where to go. I kept track of some of the Levels needed to unlock them but I wasn’t able to figure them all out. I was using this as my order, but got off track and missed a few. Do any of you know the unlock levels for the items at the end of this list?

Broken Spire @ LvL 01
Adana @ LvL 06
Karakoth @ LvL 08
Zhul Kari @ LvL 10
Whitehelm @ LvL 12
Divinion Fields @ LVL 14
Mist of Scales @ LVL 15
Pans Vale @ LvL 16
Forest Of Thorns @ LvL 17
Khaziel @ LVL 18
Zaejin @ LVL 20
Pridelands @ LVL 21
Darkstone @ LvL 25
Grosh-Nak @ LvL 25
Maugrim Woods @ LvL 25
Wild Plains @ LVL 25
Blighted Lands @ LVL ?
Drifting Sands @ LVL ?
Ghulvania @ LVL ?
Khetar @ LVL ?
Primal @ LVL ?
Stormheim @ LVL ?
Swords Edge @ LVL ?

What level are you?

You can do them in whatever order. If you need some rough guidance, work your way outward from the Broken Spire.