Curious question about the "questline" that appear above the daily adventures on the Adventure Board


I’m thinking of starting over due to general mistakes and honestly just for the fun of starting at the same time as a group of friends. Something we had noticed last time our little group did a runthrough of this game is that you can skip ahead on these quests completing them in advance (early example being leveling Warlord to level 5) without them being tracked at any given point. There seem to be a set order that kinda conflicts with what the game want you to do. Image being a good example which is like about 6 hours into the game though the mail with the 5 goblins as part of the ascend tutorial is something you can do within the first few minutes. The quests not working retroactively make sense, don’t blame the devs for that at all.

My question is what happens if someone got Warlord level 5 before the quest? Does it skip the quest outright or do you still stealthily get rewarded for it and we just never noticed it? It would help us to avoid “skipping ahead” on some parts of the game as it is honestly annoying enough that quests doesn’t work retroactively as it is. If we still get the rewards we can say ignore the “level two troops to level 5” until we actually get something that we would want without the fear of doing too much of any given kingdom that could been part of a quest.

The orders of the quests to be honest seem kinda out of order, may it be intentional to pad out newbies list of tasks as part of the prolonged tutorial or not. A simple suggestion is that most mobile games games generally give you a list of at least 3 quests you can do at any time (if not give out a whole achievement-like list of things you can do at any given time) and copying what they do wouldn’t hurt as it would only allow the players have more options and avoid skipping out on rewards (assuming you do miss out on the rewards). You can’t really expect everybody to play the game exactly the same or hold themselves back because it isn’t the suggested time to level quite yet. I personally feel players should never be “punished” for doing what the game would later suggest anyway. Overall I feel the questline have a hard time keeping up with the newbies, not the other way around which is a real shame. A small QoL update to add a full questlist could do wonders for any newcomers.

Sorry for the mini-rant but I’m honestly just curious about my question and don’t feel like making a throwaway account just to test it. Kinda hoping someone already know the answer or tested it themselves once before already.

In my End Game experience, the only tasks I get there are “Kill 100 troops” or “Kill 150 [colour] Troops” for 20 or 100 Gems respectively.

I very much doubt I’ve received rewards for have already Levelled Warlord to Level 5.

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Well that’s a shame. I guess it sucks for anyone who missed out on all of the rewards. It is mostly souls and common keys from what I can tell. If it make you feel any better you most likely earning more by the hour than what the rewards would had ever gave you. It just very useful for new accounts. I guess I’ll let my buds know so we can min-max the rewards next time we play. Thanks for answering.

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I played a bit on a new account when the AB first came out and when I had already completed a task like levelling Warlord to level 5 before it showed as a task it just automatically completed and gave me the reward when it did show up. It does show the reward you get like you just completed it.

I think it’s level 150 when these tasks stop and you just get a task of kill 100 enemies for 20 gems or kill 150 enemies of a certain colour for 100 gems. If you were already over that level when the AB came out you don’t get all the previous rewards but we get 20 or 100 gems a day so it is pretty fair. I was over level 1300 so I didn’t need any of the gold, soul or traitstone rewards anyway.

If you’re restarting for fun, that’s fine, but otherwise restarting is a “general mistake”.

This isn’t a game where you get a free pull from some unobtainable choices at the start and having the wrong one makes it take months longer. It’s a game where unless you are incredibly lucky it will take months to make your first truly good pull, months after that to get a second, and statistically speaking you need 10 or 15 good pulls to gain traction.

So the best resource is “age of your account”, and restarting resets it to 0. There’s no way to “screw up” a GoW account so badly that it would be faster to start a new one.

But if you do restart, make sure to form a guild with your friends you can all abandon. It’ll go into the GW pool and be a pain in the ass for everyone else, it’s the only correct way to restart.

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OR, if he and his friends play on Xbox, they could all join Les détestables instead, and automatically start the game with Level 100 guild statues!

Then there will be two fewer semi-dead guilds in the world, and we all win :joy::pray::grin:

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