Any cities I should complete immediately for weapons or heroes?

Still on my first week and level 40. I’ve been reading up on advice for new players and have one question I couldn’t find a recent answer on. I understand you shouldn’t do questing pre200 because of all the extra exp. Is there any cities I should complete early though for the hero, class, or weapon you receive? I just unlocked whitehelm as my home city for the glory. Thanks for any help you can provide to a new player. I have joined an active guild too, I read that was huge for currencies too.

Zhul-Kari is useful for Treasure hunt, which can get souls, gold, and some glory early without exp. Tyri is also a good troop early on- Low cost spell, non-essential traits, and enough attack to 2hit most early game opponents.

Other than that, Rowanne from Forest of Thorns is pretty great. Sunweaver isn’t bad at all either for the early game, in Wild Plains.

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I personally don’t think the level 200 thing is very important (and I sure as heck didn’t follow it), but if you want to follow it, you should get Karakoth (Sorcerer Class) and Pan’s Vale (Bard Class) unlocked. You don’t need the weapons, but the classes are really nice… however, they do need to be traited to be useful and that’s nothing someone under level 200 should attempt; there’s more important things to do.

Basically, being in a guild is the most important thing. Just open all the chests to get a good troop collection going and depending on what you get, you can go from there. You need to finish the quests to unlock explore and without explore, you don’t get many traitstones. And given how there’s some Arcane Traitstones only dropping in explore in a single kingdom, you need those quests done.

Honestly, the level 200 thing will just hold you back. Especially in the beginning, when you still use the hero, getting new weapons by increasing masteries is a big thing.

I suppose you should see if you like PVP and arena or not. Some people love it, some people hate it. If you hate both, go nuts on the quests.

Also this. My early team was Luther, Raven, Hero, Tyri and it carried me very well until I had some legendaries.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll be looking to unlock the soul forge asap too from what I’ve been reading.

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The soulforge needs materials from the dungeon, so unlocking this first (Drifting Sands) is more important. The Soulforge indeed needs to be leveled before the really good things can be forged, but you will have to save up for weeks upon weeks before you have the materials anyway (especially since clearing all dungeons at low level is basically impossible) and have it at max level way before you have the things saved up. My team posted above was usually able to clear the first dungeon and with luck the second. Low level will definitely not be good for you there.

You will also need souls. If you want to keep your level low, you might want to check into troops which give souls. You can get Valkyrie from normal Gold Chests and she keeps her value even in endgame, so if you have her, investing in her is worth it and she gets you souls with every cast of her ability. She can also fill every blue troop up well, so Luther and Raven have synergy with her.

If you go to the bottom left to unlock Drifting Sands, you might as well continue up a little bit north to get to Merlantis. The epic there, Azura, is VERY good for an epic troop - maybe the best of all epics gotten by quests.

A lot then depends on what legendaries you can pull from chests. If you are in a guild which maxes all tasks each week, get yourself the last two armors (the expensive ones, Celestial and Dragon). Use up all keys, get a legendary or two and depending on your luck, you can then look into building teams around them. Some are really great - once you have one or two, asking here for more advice if/what team could work with them. Like Valkyrie, there’s some common troops who have real value as a support for a legendary.

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Thanks again Sheba! That is some really helpful information. I’m ok with the long grind of this game. I’m a fan that there is no stamina/energy with this game too.


Bit of behind the scenes info.

The advise about not doing questing until 200 is a bit off. It’s ‘source’ is probably at level ~200 PvP matchmaking opens up to all levels so you will get to enjoy a lvl 1,000+ meta opponent in all its glory pound your ‘Crude Club’ team down in 3 rounds.

Just play the game how you would like, but do avoid wearing or buying any XP boosting armor until 200. Have a team you like traited ready to go by ~200 and you will be fine. Board control teams can easily take on teams of much greater power.

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Yeah, I read about the pvp enemy buff at 200. Mainly I’ve been doing arena for glory keys, gold and souls

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Arena is Definitely a great place to begin developing your strategy and gaining familiarity with a lot of troops!

My recommendation would be to focus on Valk, she is such an asset to the early game. Her blue transformation provides board control, her soul gain even though she lost necromancy, provides a good soul increase to allow you to improve those troops!



I mostly agree with everything @Sheba said, and only “mostly” because I skimmed it to see if there was something I disagreed with.

I don’t think the “level 200” thing is a super big deal. You’re going to pass it, and whether you wear armor or do anything else to boost XP makes a fairly small difference as to how long that takes. And it’s not like the moment you hit 200 you’re thrown to the top-tier teams. Let’s talk about how PvP matchmaking works as we understand it.

It considers these things when choosing an opponent:

  • Your average team power over some unknown number of matches.
  • (Maybe) Your current win rate.
  • (Maybe) Your current level.

I don’t think level is significant at all. I’ve paid attention since about level 400, and I can’t find a pattern to levels at all. Sometimes my 3-trophy match is a level 250 opponent with a mediocre team. Sometimes my 1-trophy is a level 1200 opponent with a plausible team. I haven’t collected data but I don’t get the feeling that the range of levels I face has changed much in the last 600 levels. Maybe I’m an outlier.

But team power, that makes a big difference. I’ve “upgraded” my PvP team a few times, and each time within 25-30 battles I noticed I stopped steamrolling and started facing challenges again. As I traited these teams, I noticed this kept going. I have DEFINITELY noticed that over the course of the game, my team power has affected the range of battles I see. My current team power level is 8,516. I don’t see teams with much less than 6,000, and the strongest teams I see are around 9,700, never more. This range was different when I had weaker teams, though I didn’t exactly write down numbers. I think an average of team power is used. So you don’t magically get weaker opponents if you switch to a weaker team. You’d have to play (and probably lose) dozens or maybe hundreds of matches to start seeing your field get weaker. There’s almost no profit to that.

Win rate definitely affects the field in a small way, too. If I win a lot, I start to see the range of my matches narrow. Sometimes all three of my matches are > 9,000 power level for several matches in a row. If I lose several times in a row, the range shifts: sometimes after 3-5 losses my 3-trophy match is as low as 6,500! I don’t think there’s a profitable way to game this.

The only “profitable” way you can game the matchmaking system is be most careful about your team power level. If you get a new, really good troop, make sure you have a good team to support it before switching. Even this is so mystifying it’s probably not worth thinking about it. If you get the kind of troop that is worth building a new team around, you’ll know. The Dragon Soul is one of them, no other troop I’ve found has so dramatically changed how I play. But there are others like Emperor Khorvash and Queen Mab that are also overwhelming if you slot them in with 3 other good troops.

So just go have fun. Don’t stunt your own progress. Things you might do to lower your XP yield will also lower your gold/soul yield and that holds you back even worse.

Silverglade to get Princess Elspeth.
I’d say do all the quests before anything else. You needs the troops and the difficulty isn’t too high. The best weapons for new players are unlocked from gem masteries. The more you level, the higher your gem masteries. I’d focus on Brown/Purple to get Black manacles asap.

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Wow, great advice everyone and it is greatly appreciated. I’m having fun playing in the arena currently and it seems to be the best source of gold,souls and glory keys for me now. I’m mainly focused on getting all my cities to level 5, getting key things unlocked like dungeon and soulforge, getting some decent units. Again thanks to the community for the advice and will gladly take any more advice anyone else has☺


1 - You need a good team or two, and you want to maximize the levels on those troops. Traits are nice but not important. Unlock kingdoms, and level up kingdoms with gold to level 5. Focus on teams that use epic characters you can get from kingdoms - Tyri, Rowanne, Alistair are a good core - there are plenty of others.
2 - Souls are an early bottleneck, along with gold. If you can make a solid team that includes a soul-gathering troop (Valkyrie is a great option, but not the only one) that is good.
3 - You’ll get a trickle of diamonds, DO NOT SPEND THEM. You want to get 500 for Dragon/Celestial armor. That’s a good goal by level 100 or so.
4 - Once you have many kingdoms unlocked and at level 5, your hourly tributes become important. Collect that several times a day and watch your gems/glory begin to increase!
5 - Get into a guild - the keys really help. You don’t want to put much gold into a guild though - getting your kingdoms to level 5 (and eventually level 10) is MUCH more important.


Not to nitpick, but I think you mean ‘gems’. Now that there are actually diamonds in the game, the distinction is important.

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I think it would be also important to know just how good the guild is which @Lando joined.
“Active” doesn’t mean “finishes (all) tasks”. Especially for a newbie, it’s hard to find a spot in a guild doing that, simply because most such guilds have contribution levels a newbie can’t match.

However, if at least the blue tasks get done, that would help a lot with affording the armors and afterwards investing in Gem Chests early on. If the guild doesn’t finish the blue tasks, I am strongly advising to do Treasure Hunt (and gathering maps with Tyri on purpose) to get gems. Especially if arena is enjoyable for a newbie, as it is in this case - we all know how Dawnbringer will put an end to that once the level gets high enough, so in this case, low level does help. Treasure Hunt doesn’t raise levels, but gives Glory, some keys and gems. For someone wanting to stay at lower level, that is immensely important and for newbies, the rewards are pretty great. I know I did around 8k weekly glory and ALL armors only with TH when I started the game (because I wasn’t in a guild finishing tasks).

But yeah, one needs to enjoy TH for that. Which is not the case for everyone and especially not right now, with the current TH background, eep.

I’d suggest doing Khaziel’s quest line for War and Peace (weapon), though it requires you to have done the first quest or so in Adana before you can do the last few quests in Khaziel (they require you to have met Sparkgrinder).

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At this point, it’s like “Do all the quests!”:joy: I mean, the current advice from everyone collects into: Khaziel (weapon) and Adana as prerequisite, Karakoth (Class), Pan’s Vale (Class), Zhul’Kari (Quest troop), Drifting Sands (Dungeon), Blighted Lands (Forge), Silverglade (Epic troop), Merlantis (Epic troop)… given how Broken Spire is basically always done and Whitehelm was finished by Lando, that’s what, more than one third of all kingdoms?:sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’m working on knocking quests out right now. Currently upgraded spinerette and ranger are carrying me through with their aoe skills

About kingdoms leveling, there are quiet some usefull tips you surely want to know.

First the basics :

Leveling a kingdom gives you mastery level in one color.
Leveling a kingdom to level 10 (+/- 120k gold) gives you a point in a stat (shield, life, attack or magic).

Now the most common leveling strategy :

Do the quest in each kingdom. Level that kingdom to level 5. Once you have done all kingdoms to 5, focused on those kingdoms to level 10 ( they give magic stat )

Blighted lands
Silver crest

That will give you 5 extra magic for all your troops and that is quite a potent buff at the start.

After that, i suggest that, you do a bit of explore to gather gold, stones and souls. Use the gold to level the others kingdom to 10 and use the stones and souls to level and traits troops from those 5 magic kingdoms. That will achieve power level 5 for those kingdoms, giving you another +5 magic. Then do the same with all the other kingdoms.

As for what kingdom to level after the magic ones, i would say attack then life then shield. But there is no clear consensus among the community, so that is just my point of view.

One little more thing, while doing all that, dont forget to use the hero class system. You can unlock classes at the end of questline in certain kingdoms. They give perks to your hero only for the first 50 victory with that class choosed for your hero. They also give you a hero weapon at 250 victory with that class and some of them are extremely powerfull at early game. They also can be traited to gain even higher advantages for your hero only but that is more towards mid to late game achievement since they are rather expensive to trait.

Two think to note, NEVER EVER change class by paying gems, you can change class for free once every 24 hours and you dont need the hero on your team for the victories to count.

So as exemple karakoth class aka sorcerer class have a great early game weapon and is a usefull caster class once traited. The two other best choices so far as traited class will be bard in pan’s vale and the dragon one in… sorry i forget.

Never hesitate to ask questions, it is a great community here.
Hope it will help you on a good start.
And if you read that far… here is your free aspirin :slight_smile:

Welcome too this game and forum.


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Thanks for the tips Fred! I’m not far from finishing the warlord weapon and then plan to switch to probably sorceror.

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