Soulforge blunder, don't craft War & Peace

Actually can someone explain how you get War & Peace?

Gowdb says “events and bundles only”. AWR said in another thread it’s “completing two different quest lines”. Someone else in another thread said “the Khaziel questline”.

So what are the requirements? If they’re different from what gowdb says, why?

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The Khaziel and Adana quest lines are interlocked. Khaziel gets put on hold part way through until you’ve completed Adana, then Sparkgrinder shows up in Khaziel to continue the quest.

There wasn’t any appropriate tag for it within the game (like “quest reward”), so they attached “events and bundles only” as a workaround.


I’d say it was a mistake in the code, that chose wrong weapon, as War and Peace is not even an EVENT weapon, it’s as a regular weapon as Mountain Crusher for example.

No, I asked Kafka about it on global, the reply was that Sirrian personally reviewed the choice and confirmed it to be valid.

Then I’m at a total loss.

I can’t see how it can be justified that it’s an old event weapon, as it’s neither an event weapon, nor old (even players that started tommorow can obtain it from the questlines).

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It all, as usual falls into one specific category; inadequate or non existent pre release testing. We were graced with pre faction release streaming in which the actual faction map did not exist. The very same faction was released (temporarily) on time with the same inherent fault. Testing? Zero. Quality control? Zero. They pulled it because they were embarrassed most probably. Every player who spent anything is now potentially a ticket maker. QA is zero.


Just expanding on this:

I think the other part to consider is that the Devs may decide to stop giving War and Peace as a quest reward, which would make it eligible for the Soulforge.

On the whole, it did seem a little bit like, “Ah, let’s just get the Soulforge change out there and we’ll iron out the kinks as we go/deal with problems when we get there” – which to me is absolutely fineas long as a post is made about it to say,

“Hey, we thought we’d just get these changes out to you as soon as possible :hugs: (Yayyy)! There are a couple of issues to be aware of – [names issues]. We plan to address these over [rough time period]. In the meantime, however, we don’t think they will cause too many problems, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out should they occur.”

I really think that’s all it would take to mitigate a lot of the uncertainty, discussions, criticism, etc.!

I do appreciate the generosity and good will of putting the Event Weapons solution forward as soon as possible, now that they’ve figured out how to implement it(!!!) – it does seem strange, though, not to have the jump on the communications side of it (streaming and player dissemination not only didn’t cover this, but shouldn’t really be relied on to convey important details).

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I could see how the weapon would be overlooked if it was tagged like that internally. Shame they reviewed it and still considered it valid.

Here’s Jago trying to point out that it’s at best a newbie trap, to which the response was that they don’t expect anybody to craft it:

No screenshots of the other parts of the discussion, it essentially boiled down to “you wanted event weapons, you got event weapons, it’s working exactly as intended, we may remove War & Peace as a quest reward to make you happier”.


That’s hilarious. It’s like they intentionally sat down and thought out the most trollish and infuriating way to implement it.


Once again, I had hoped for a much better solution.

Still, it’s better than nothing, but that’s just a bad justification for such implementation.
Inclusion is fine, the problem is its execution.
If we let it slip more and more, we’ll no longer be able to stand up any longer.

I would have done it a bit differently. A bit off-topic here, but it’s worth mentioning:
In the weapons section or category, there would be an icon to craft any unowned weapons. Also, the info there would tell you at least 3 months in advance when certain weapon is scheduled to be in the Store for $5. Still, you could decide what’s more important for you, or just craft it immediately if you have enough resources.

Official response here.

I hate “newbie traps”, but I feel better about this explanation. Basically, it is “working as intended” (the system is automated, War & Peace is flagged as an event weapon, therefore it can be in soulforge) rather than working as actually intended (which would be you can’t get any quest weapons or mastery weapons from the soulforge). Probably entangled in a way that would take too much development resources to fix.

This combined with the “you kind of have to go out of your way to fall into this trap” global chat interaction makes me feel much better than having the latter stated independently, which comes off as “your concerns aren’t valid.”

(Diamonds > Souls, however, is an intentional newbie trap and I still feel bad about that existing every time it comes up.)

Actually here is the official explanation. :stuck_out_tongue:

An easy fix that would’ve saved you guys all this trouble would’ve been to let the weapon say where it was from so ppl click on it and it says For example War and Peace (From Khaziel quest line) Also it’d be good to have that so ppl know where that weapon was obtained from in the past. For people who like to remember the past


This is not good enough.

The explanation is irrelevant. War and Peace continues to be a “newbie trap”. Since the company is now aware of it but has done nothing, it becomes a DELIBERATE trap. And most newbies have no idea of the existence of the forums or the “official” news.

Regardless of how difficult it might be to do so (and I doubt it is), War and Peace MUST immediately be removed from the Soulforge. Anyone who has crafted War and Peace (how many or how few is also irrelevant), must be automatically refunded, and issued a formal apology and mea culpa.

Infinity Plus Two and its staff are not behaving ethically in this instance, and I am hugely disappointed. Even more so by the inappropriately casual attitude towards such a serious issue. I am flabbergasted.


I am glad, but please, make sure to add another label/tag to the game - P2W in combination with F2P. :upside_down_face:

It’s quite obvious that if this current system will stay in place, you will be foced to invest money if you’ll want to proceed further, because of Kingdom Stars - weapon-related collection requirements.

While the game is still F2P, however, it limits the ability to gain or craft weapon by just playing the game (in-game time spent only) to obtain certain rewards.

Deathknight’s Armor is not an issue here, don’t get me wrong! That’s the progression boost only.
However, paying around €5 for myself, just because I missed some weapon, it’s a bit too far and it’s not friendly and competitive in the eyes of other players. They have very valid points and arguments.

The best solution would be: Make those weapons craftable, and at the same time, make them available for money. So, you have a choice: you can either craft them, or decide to invest some money to get them. That way no one will get discriminated and the majority of people will be satisfied.

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To be fair, this may never become an issue.

That’s because enough weapons are likely to be added alongside troops, as Kingdoms exceed 17 stars.

As an aside, I personally don’t buy the logic that weapons previously available for A$8 should not be made available by other means. Many people are willing to pay to have things now rather than later. I think the current situation is incredibly confusing, and not even close to what we were expecting. That’s a real problem. (Why confusing? Because it’s very hard to believe the “money only” list of weapons will not change in the future; because it doesn’t make sense.) :frowning:

Back to Koromac’s point: let’s take an example. Ghulvania looks like the kingdom most likely to get “weapon-blocked” at and above 20 Star Power. It has 21 troops but no faction, and only 7 weapons: 1 Doomed, 1 Class, 1 craftable Event weapon, 1 non-craftable Event Epic, 1 Xathenos craftable, and 2 others. So only 3 of those are obtainable by play, and 1 is cash-only. A Faction will take us to 25 troops and 4+3+$1 weapons.

To reach 20 Stars, Ghulvania would need another 4 troops and 1 (non-cash) weapon. Troops are normally added either as individual Mythics/Legendaries, or in groups of 1-3 troops during a single week (Glory, Invasion/Raid, Bounty). One weapon is normally also added with any Invasion/Raid troop.

So the most likely (quick) scenario for reaching 20 Stars would be one Mythic/Legendary, then one week with 3 troops. That would come with an extra weapon, so we’d be fine. Worst case would be a Mythic plus a Legendary, plus a Glory troop and a Bounty troop during Guild Wars (so no extra weapon). That would leave most people 1 weapon short of 20 stars. But that really is the worst case.

So basically, if the devs are careful, no-one should be weapon-blocked to 20 stars. Simply because weapons are usually added along with troops.

However, looking beyond 20 stars, this issue does indeed become more likely. The current pattern, above 16 Stars, is 1 extra troop per Power Level, and 2 extra weapons maxed per 2 Power Levels. We’ve seen that weapons are added to a Kingdom at roughly a third to a fifth of the rate of troops – and definitely not the 1:1 required by that pattern!

So that is the long-term danger. But of course, we don’t know what will actually happen beyond 20 Stars (if anything).

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We are a very long way away from having weapons blocking kingdom stars. Currently we recive weapons from raids, invasions, tower of doom, faction and classes. When every kingdom has a class we will probably lose class events and have a new game mode that may give kingdoms more weapons. If a kingdom needs a pay only weapon for stars we could have a new design a weapon contest, a new glory weapon, a new holiday weapon or a new game mode weapon.

This issue is not worth worring about now when we have no idea what is coming in the future. If the time comes and we have to pay for a weapon to upgrade a kingdom then complain then but at the moment lets just be happy we can get old event weapons again.

Probably should have just quoted this instead of writing that out.


Thanks, Maxx. I hadn’t noticed that. (“That” being the italicised sentence in Salty’s quote.)

Which then would take roughly two years to implement, the design queue seems to be rigid enough to not allow changes in any near future. Besides, there’s still the matter that some weapons feel like self castration when forced to upgrade. Bright Forest is particularly swarming with upgrades that add random green board manipulation, you currently already have to take a plunge to get all kingdom stars.

I guess we’ll see how flexible they really are in six weeks from now. As much as I recall we’ve been told that cosmetic pets are never going to make any difference, it’s just that Ninja Cat apparently is going to be the roadblock for Darkstone > 14 for a very long time. If they’ll just shrug that one off, weapons can be sure to receive the same treatment once the need arises.