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Is there a cap on Vault Keys?

I only have 43 of them but I figure I better ask this now rather then wait and find out that there is a cap the hard way.

How many Vault Keys do you have saved up?

There are people who have hundreds. You should be good for a while.


I remember @Fleg posted a SS where he had 500 or so on hand after the 2nd gnome event or so. Judging by that number I expect some to have even 1000s on hands today.

I myself have an awful luck and I am lucky if I get a few keys if I go all in a weekend.

However cap should be up there in 1000s, I think @Clark.


Does any ressource has a cap? :thinking:

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As far as we know there is no “soft cap”, meaning the devs haven’t artificially limited it.

There is probably a “hard cap” but that’s more related to the innards of the software. Generally these caps are powers of two. My guess is you can’t have more than about 2.1 billion vault keys, or if you can then my guess is amended to about 4.3 billion.

HOW are folks getting 500+ vault keys anyway? LOL

I can confirm several hundreds are fine, feel free to keep hoarding them :slightly_smiling_face:Screenshot_20200513-204751


They’re just not using them, probably because they’re so far into the End Game that they don’t need to.

I’m only two Troops short of a full collection. Once I have those, I’m going to start stacking Diamonds…

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Thank you all for the responses… I will continue to hoard the vault keys.

I’ve got none. I just use them when I get them. The excitement of 100 souls, 2k gold, a minor traitstone and 50 glory never gets old.


Play cedric in the vault on higher difficulty. You rewards will get much better.

They don’t.


Nope, the difficulty level has no effect on the rewards :frowning: