Is the hero/weapon kind of pointless now?

It might just be that I’m using the ‘wrong’ weapon (though it fits with the team I like…shrug), but I feel like it’s gotten to the point know where it almost (or flat out does) makes more sense to NOT use your hero/weapon and instead just use a 4th minion/card/ally/whatever you call it.

With all the ascensions/increased max level(s) and traits, cards can get crazy powerful. At level 71, my hero is 11/16/6 (armor/life/atk), and my epic/lvl 18 Ancient Horror is 10/14/13 AND the spell is on-par with or better (by virtue of being cheaper to activate) than most/all weapons.

And the Hero can’t contribute to team bonuses (though they can receive them, right?), either. It’s not game-wrecking if the Hero becomes a liability, because in the end they’re all just cards. It just feels kind of silly/wrong to me from a “story” POV to not have the Hero on the team.

Am I missing something?

The Devs have promised to look into Hero enhancement in the 1.0.9 patch. So we’ll see what they can cook up with then.

this has been true since i started playing (about patch 1.05 or so) - after about lvl 75 to 100, hero was just not as good as that 4th fully leveled (ie lvl 15) troop… but in arena… ahh… the fun!

Easy buff - make your Hero count as being from the kingdom that is your home kingdom… therefore you can use him to get that team bonus.

I’m level 500 and I still use my hero in my “favourite” build. I must be doing something wrong… :stuck_out_tongue:

i was using a gob build, green seer, gob shaman, gob, and hobgob. however with the traits - i was running 3 skeletons and a hero with prismatic.

Heroes are going to get a lot of work, I understand - “soon” - as in targeted for 109 - both to catch up with stats (ascending troops left them way behind) and to gain traits and other things…

I am level 750+ and still use the hero in several winning builds now, as do many players (@MrSammy and @esslee are both level 1000 and I understand still use the hero in go-to builds).

Admittedly about 95% of the weapons are utter rubbish, but a few still see good use…

Idk but EVERYONE is using War and Peace on the console for arenas now :frowning: I haven’t had the option to get it yet, not even sure how you do. Literally everyone I played this morning had it. Didn’t seem to help them, but cool nonetheless.

Bonus Quest in Khaziel. You must defeat Evolved Gorgotha. :joy_cat:

Does this apply to the console? :confused:

Yes, you need to have completed the Khaziel quest line and played at least the first mission in the Adana quest line. Once you have those two conditions met, Khaziel will have a new quest line. The end of that line is War and Peace.

Evolved Gorgotha is a bit of a pain. Try either silencing him, or reducing his magic. Those two tactics have worked the best for me.


Cool, thanks for the explanation! :smile: Looking forward to doing this tonight!

I’m still using the hero in some specific build, but he is so underpower that he has to be in a strong team.

They could give him a attack boost easily before hes properly patched I would have hoped.

what if weapons had traits on them as well? What would be the best traits to give our hero?

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Refer my post above (5d ago) - we have a vague idea what will be coming for heroes…

And make weapons type related, fae weapon/ marauder. elemental etc…