Using hero in the team?

I am just new to the game. Level 22, you may ask :)). The problem is I’ve tried to search for the best teams in GOW and there is noone saying about using a hero.

I am wondering if is it true cuz the hero seems to be pretty strong especially with weapons.

Btw, could you please give me dome team for the late game so at least I have some ideas what to aim for and not to waste my hard earned souls.

Thank you very much for helping :slight_smile:

Which platform do you play on? If Xbox I can help you a lot over Live—and get you into a high-level guild to boost your glory gains and such.

Others will also be more able/likely to help if they have access to your collection—you can upload it to the Gems of war database:

You’re right to think the hero is important—put it on every team for the Hero XP alone. A lot of teams you’ll google are from ages ago—in the current game, the Hero is King :slight_smile:

I’ll post more help when I don’t have burgers burning on my grill XD


In most team builds, the hero is presemt, but we don’t refer to it as the hero, we’ll instead use the name of the weapon that the hero is using in that build. Like if you see “mountain crusher” in a team build. That means the hero using mountain crusher. So you have to learn the names of all the weapons basically, which may take some time.


Thank you very much for your help. Hopefully your burgers is still alive :smile:.
I am playing on cell phone and steam only so sadly I can not connect to you on Live. I am tryong to connect my account with the database also, but suppose will take some times to fingure out how to do with the traitstone things.

I am suppose to get the best troops out of the gem boxes so meanwhile could you suggest me some good teams to start with?

Thank you so much again :slight_smile:

Yeap. I am pretty sure that all of the guides I’ve neen reading just only mentioned troops but not weapons or hero classes.
Could you please give me some sources for the build?
Thank you very much for replying my thread :slight_smile:

I could give you build suggestions but at lvl 22 I’m willing to bet you won’t have most of the troops needed for most builds. I would suggest joining an active guild that will carry you through the early stage of the game. There are plenty of them out there. Once in a guild, you can get into their discord server, where they should have multiple channels dedicated to team builds for all stages of play.


Older guides won’t mention the hero because until about a year ago, the hero was not strong enough to consider except for maybe one or two teams. When hero classes were revamped, the hero got a significant boost in power.

It’s hard to make any general suggestions though. Level 22 is very early in the game, just a few days in. You get troops via gacha luck, so it’s very unlikely you have a lot of them. You certainly won’t have a lot of hero classes unlocked, nor weapons worth discussing. Maybe look for team builds with Rowanne, but it’s going to take you a few days of waiting and praying to pull that together. (Rowanne herself is a quest reward for somewhere or other, if you go looking I’m sure you’ll find her.)

You’ll have a better shot at having some form of competent team at more like level 200. Around level 400 you’ll have an even better shot. It’s not until level 800 or so that you’ll likely have enough troops to be able to start following guides! That sounds a long way away, but it’s really only about a month. GoW is a game that’s played over years. (Or, it was. Pretty soon it’ll be decades.)


Or you can choose the most useful hero to level up first. I would recommend Titan (for its talents and 50% mana start) and Plaguelord for the class weapon Essence of Evil.


Thank you so much for all of the advices.
Honestly I didn’t suppose you all would kindly answer my silly question like this. Haha.

Maybe I will keep advancing to level 200 and will be back then. For now I think I will stick with this team:

  • tesla
  • heronath
  • sylph
  • queen mab

I also have Hydra, Taloca and Viper. Please tell me if there is any better combination with these troops.

Thank you all again. Happy gaming :slight_smile:

P/s: btw, I actually having Rowanne. Surprise…!!! Could you please tell me what to do next with her @Slypenslyde?

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Shield of Urskaya

That will help you start climbing levels in no time. :relaxed:

The Shield is the class weapon for Sentinel, so you’ll need 250 wins with that class to start the mayhem :metal::vulcan_salute:

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PS: let us know your invite code if you need a guild, since a good guild will magnify your game enjoyment exponentially due to the additional resources you’ll be getting :relaxed::vulcan_salute:


Put Rowanne in place of Tesla on that same exact team (the two troops work very similarly, but Rowanne has a better boost ratio whereas Tesla deals true damage), but with Sylph replaced with the Hero and up top, then Rowanne where Sylph used to be; see how you like it ;D

And as said above—Shield of Urskaya will make this team destroy, and works great even (especially) in high-level content.

And the burgers made it! :grin: Though a couple slices of bacon got a little…crispy :laughing:


Those are all good advises but seem to be given from an advanced player’s perspective.
Rowanne is a wonderful troop but need armor - the more the better - to function properly. That’s not a luxury starting players enjoy. Similarly, Shield of Urskaya armor boosting works with Rowanne, but it requires Urskaya kingdom to be unlocked & Sentinel class quest to be completed & 250 games with a Sentinel class hero to be won…I think this is also something not readily available for a new player.

Some good early game troops I would suggest are
Rock Spirit - decent boost ratio by gem count and board control;
Ranger - deals damage to an enemy and additional 12-20 damage (which is a lot during early game) split among all enemies;
Minogor - with recent balance changes it would one-shot almost anything early game;
Goblin Rocket - damage and board control with guaranteed extra turn. Goblin Rocket is usually paired with Alchemist who provides yellow mana (and aforementioned Ranger also uses yellow).

Do you have Dwarven Gate? It goes well with with Tesla as in Hero/2x Dwarven Gate/Tesla or Hero/Dwarven Gate/Tesla/Valyrie…decent early player team for daily dungeons and pet rescues.


Thank you all for the advices. I will tried the teams you recommended and see the effect.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Ah. Almost forget. Here is my invite code: JINZL_C63F
Thank you @AMT for sugfestibg me a guide

Take care of your burger then @Magnusimus :slight_smile:


As you level your Hero, I would suggest you upgrade Red and Brown first until each are at 23. This will unlock Mang, my favorite weapon. I’d also suggest working on the Titan class 1st. (Stormheim kingdom, NW corner). After Mang, you can then balance out the mana colors.

I use Titan w/ Mang, Igneus, Drake Rider and Faunessa on any delve with Purple as an option, though I reckon it’d be awhile for you to get to those. Good luck.


Whao. Thank you very much for your hints @ChunkyMono. I’ll test it out right away.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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