Why is there no real bonuses between 501 - upward until 1000 for Hero Level?

It just seems so odd that you have 500 levels and zip other than points to the team (which I have been told really don’t mean a lot)…

Where are some goodies? I mean it would be nice to get something even if it is just a new weapon or traitstone (arcanes would be really really nice)

I concur but I think it’s more about where the devs focus their limited time. There’s not a lot they could give us that would be meaningful AND something they didn’t have to spend time balancing. My guess is that as a larger and larger percentage of the player base reaches the 500+ level mark, the devs will revisit it and put additional rewards in.

But that’s just a guess. :slight_smile:

They have mentioned that they may focus an eventual future patch on reworking things with heros.

The main issues right now are:

  • Lack of relevance to use a hero in most teams
  • Outdated leveling system rewards
  • Lack of incentive to use hero classes (a player can go through the entire game never using any hero class)
  • End game leveling system that is nearly stagnant at higher levels
  • Overall irrelevance of hero masteries past the hero weapons

Personally, I would love to see:

  • Hero based challenges
  • Masteries actually mattering
  • Weapon based minigame (4 weapons vs 4 weapons)
  • Any change that will allow continuous hero progression (hero traits that scale off of X that can continuously be accumulated, but diminishes in value similar to masteries)
  • The ability to reset masteries, and any new stat system, at a maximum of once per week

I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen a Hero centered Event yet where you get Event Frags for defeating teams while using your own Hero in a team.


I spent almost all my time doing all the Hero classes - getting them to 20th level - only to find out that the amount of trait stones needed was far more than even the mythics needed. I actually wanted to play the hero game. It was just after getting mythic and finding that I’m 25 points difference with using a Hero verses not on a team. Then I started to notice that there were other cards getting introduce that started out basically squashing my hero to pieces.

Then I don’t know what thread it was but someone had this huge thread that Hero was a dead game and to just not bother.

Not sure what to do. But it is sad. It would be nice to get bonuses for Heros :slight_smile:

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Btw, My Divine Team (Archon, Priest with Soul Blade, The Devoted and Paladin rocks… Especially after two of The Devoted casts :slight_smile: The holy war rules.