Is GoW client downloading massive amounts of data (~6+GB/h) since the patch? (XBone)

I have noticed a massive spike in my ISP data usage since Apr.1. Prior to that date I averaged less than 10GB per day. Since then my ISP has told me that I have used well over 25GB per day. The only change in data usage in my house since that date was the Gems of War patch.

I don’t know how big the game download was but it was a one time thing, so there shouldn’t be a continuous constant download of data every day since.

Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone else checked their data usage stats?

I have to believe that a puzzle game like this can not possibly rival HD streaming in data usage, but its the only thing I can think of at this point.

Please check your usage and let me know if anyone else is experiencing this. Even if you aren’t, just let me know that your usage has not changed since the patch.


This is why i do not trust xbox.