What’s with the mini update every hour now?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?. I was expecting not to have to download an update or info every hour, draining my isp limits.

What are the steps to make it happen again? N/A

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post! no, but it happens when I collect my hourly tribute and when I log in.

I’m on PS4


I posted the same thing in the known issues thread last week. Also on PS4.

The only good thing is that it reminds me to go collect tribute if I’m in the middle of a PVP session or exploring when my home kingdom is out of view.

It never does it unless I actually click to collect the tribute, so I don’t even get that benefit.

I looked for another thread about this before I posted, did you get any official answers?

No, but I posted right before the Australian weekend, so wasn’t expecting anything.

If you get an answer there, can you tag me in it or link it here?

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If I do, I will.

They did mention on Discord they are aware of it and a fix is coming but no time line was given.



Oh, good to know. Thanks!

I also asked them to update the 3.2 known issues thread, which hasn’t been updated since October 18.

The issue is back since today (Start of “Operation Mammoth Drop”). GoW is downloading ~2.3MB every hour.

It never stopped, it just stopped displaying it. Every single time I collect hourly tribute the game freezes for 5 seconds. It never did that before the update problem.

What I assume is happening is the client is being forced to talk to the server to prevent cheating. I just wish they wouldn’t be so secretive about it.

I notices the freeze, too, but i guess, it is just syncing with the server - which seemed fine to me. But from today on it’s downloading …something… :confused:

Looking at GoW’s data usage in the last month, it was fixed before.

Edit: Tesla is back & this issue is fixed :star_struck:

Yes we have fixed the issue! If you’re still experiencing it please restart your game and device.

I’m on xbox one and have done about 3 or 4 hard resets since the fix for tesla etc last night and every time i still get the assets downloading thingy. Not sure if anything is truly downloading or if it’s just visual. I’ll keep an eye on how much data is used on my console before i log on next time and after i exit the game.

Are you getting the downloading every hour? or just when you start the game? How much does it say it’s downloading?

I just get it when i start. After i hit A it comes up downloading .88 mb, then once that finishes and the splash screen is on, when the regular loading bar is about 3/4 full another downloading assets pops up and that one is 2.35 mb. That happened last time as well but i didn’t write the numbers down. I backed out and did another reset to check my storage, it hadn’t changed. But the exact same downloading popups (with same numbers) came up. Looks like it’s just a visual thing.