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Any way to pre-download all game assets?

Title, basically. I switched devices recently, and during the week I am constrained to a spotty mobile data connection, so I wanted to know if there’s any way to pre-download everything on wifi during the weekend.

I don’t know if there’s a definitive way, but failing a good solution, going to the Troops screen and clicking Show All ought to trigger downloading a significant proportion of the assets (all the troop images).

Edit: Please note I have not tried this myself so it’s only my expectation based on other updates I’ve seen on my mobile.

as every fight is recorded at the end - you will need wifi to make any changes, play any matches, etc. you have to be able to use the opponent look up for pvp and even in challenges it doesn’t store the actual stats. (stupid trip into the middle of nowhere) however i did find that playing almost constantly for 7 days (like 8 hours a day for 7 days) on my cell data plan used less than 1 gig. i want to say 800k, not 800 meg, but i cant remember for sure which it was. I was really surprised at how little it used.

Yeah I understand the game uses data to sync with the servers, I just meant the images and stuff that ends up in the device storage.
Problem is I only have 1gb per month…

if you play a bunch before you go, dont clear your cache. :slight_smile:

My iPhone just recently did a “self-clean” of GoW which apparently cleared out the cache so images had to be re-downloaded… so unless this is some option you can switch off, this could happen to you and you’ll still need to re-download everything at some point (not sure if Android has the same kind of thing).