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Is delve a guild killer?

Once ten your done putting gold in but …

Very time consuming

I’ve been sitting here thinking of guild type Underworld things… perhaps:

  • Guild Renown - when a guild’s members reach 10,000 Faction renown (whatever it’s called), guilds get a troop card, UR or higher.

*Renown guild leaderboard - bloody hell us gow’ers like some leaderboards. Just add a guild tab after the shop and away we go!

*Delve Counter- at the top of the guild screen, counting those tokens. A complete win (8 battles won, boss optional) gives gems, souls, maps, whateverthehell to the whole guild. Or a troop, or pet food.

Guilds Want to be useful, helpful, serve a purpose. We work together to achieve the games’ goals. Surely, the Underworld, half of the bloody map, should have a place for us.


They most definitely don’t need to add a guild tie in to the underworld. There are already 3 modes that make playing them mandatory (whether you like them or not) if you are in a competitive guild that completes all guild events.

As it stands, people that don’t like delves can ignore it without concern for letting their guild down.


I agree, no more active guild events. Please, no more (and I’d be happy to send back invasions and raids).

But passive ones that reward what is already happening, and encentivizing gameplay, I’d be all for that.

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Eventually, the Underworld will grow. Somewhere, somehow, the guilds and gameplay will need to join hands.

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Really, it doesn’t. Delves represent a single mode in the game. The guild doesn’t get a passive benefit when I level my kingdom stars. It’s comparable to raising faction renown.


Then the guilds are only of Krystara and the Underworld is a personal endeavor of the individual.

Maybe I saw delves as the first of an entire world of possibilities in the Underworld. A start, not a finish… in another year or two, i fully expect it to be the Underworld that expands. That’s why I want all guilds to have a portion of the rewards. Yours, mine. Rewards for doing what we are already doing, but for the group, as well as the individual.

I don’t see raids, GW, invasions, etc as part of the Overworld. I literally don’t go to the Overworld map unless I need to do explore, or I need to upgrade kingdom stars.


There’s “from a game design” standpoint and “from a player” standpoint.

From a game design standpoint, it’s fine. Some players have already maxed renown for all of their factions. Many others have kept one or more factions at a lowish level for farming. Over time, the people who are farming will get enough ingots they won’t want to farm anymore. Then they’ll max their renown. But since people are already doing it without maxed hoards, it’s easy to imagine it will be even easier to do it in the future as more troops (with presumably more power) release. Also: the kind of player who has maxed ingots has most definitely maxed traitstones and many other currencies. They aren’t bothered by missing some LTs.

From a player perspective: it’s the worst thing ever. Every player in the game should’ve maxed their hoard levels within 10 minutes of release. It should’ve cost something reasonable like… 10 gold to get to level 1,000 in your hoard. It’s also stupid you only get 1 sigil per day, and ridiculous that you don’t get 500 or more mythic ingots from every Delve room. The game would be a lot more fun if every player had so much of everything there was nothing left to collect. That’s why Delves aren’t fun, from a player perspective. You can’t finish every faction in 10 minutes and use the rewards to ascend every card in the game to mythic.

Maxed renown for all of their factions already? I would love to meet said players. Also, they never mentioned anything about releasing more troops to a faction outside of the 4 troop core, so that’s not going to get easier any time soon.


You have to pick and choose what you want to do in game. You can do every room in every delve and spend all your free time on it or do the 3 required rooms to get renown and move on. Or you can quit your job and spend all your time on this game.

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I suspect—without any sort of dev confirmation—that once we run out of Overworld kingdoms to give mythic troops to, we will start seeing Underworld factions receive mythic troops. For many players these troops are still the prestige items, worth spending thousands of gems to obtain. It would be silly of the devs to stop giving such players the chance to spend an unwise amount of in-game resources (unless, of course, the devs already have another resource sink lined up to take its place).


Yes Delves are a guild killer. If I am forced to do delves I will be forced to quit playing gems. Plain and simple.

Nothing says the 2nd Mythic per kingdom is anything more than just a 2nd Mythic for the same kingdom so far. (like a 2nd or 3rd Legendary per kingdom). I’m actually leaning heavy towards new Mythics aren’t Underworld troops mainly because they stated Faction troops are a 4 troop team with synergy and just the likely assumption that it would be extremely silly if the Zuul’Goth Mythic replacement for Karakoth ends up being exclusively gotten from the Underworld.

Besides, players can’t directly pay gems for shards, so the devs can’t make money from selling the opportunity to gamble for new Mythics in the Underworld.


I thought so at least? There’s a giant thread of people posting their high-level victories and strategies, I lost track of how complete everyone was but assumed someone had done them all by now.

Has anyone managed to complete Level 500 for Hall of Guardians and All Seeing Eye with an all faction team? I’ve only seen it done with Crypt Keepers and am wondering if HoG and ASE are doable.

One day a week they can bud. And for 4 days one week every month.
PS. I tried level 430 on CK with my faction at level 100. And got owned. I so badly want to figure out a way to get to 500 and win with a faction at 100. I don’t think it’s possible. :persevere:

Yeah, I thought about counting the Faction event, but the exchange rate is poor and I was doing it then for treasure! Makes VIP chests seem fair in comparison.

You’ll be able to beat a faction 500 with a hoard level 100 some day in one of em. Its not likely in CK since the 1st battle Spectral Knight hits 65 True damage or 130 True damage with any status effect (enchant included!). It’ll weed out too many attempts, and then when you beat it, the 2nd room is still a nightmare. Think the best I ever did at Hoard level 100 was killing 2 troops in the 2nd room before dying out.

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All Seeing Eye should be possible. I’d do it now except I’m saving my shards for chest pulls in the next faction. Definitely need to up the Treasure Hoard.

(I say this as I was able to make it to the boss room Delve 500 at Hoard Level 100 with a full faction team… a few resummoned. I got squashed at the boss fight as expected. CK was a lot harder at Hoard Level 100 for the earlier rooms. Its going to be a bit of guess work how much treasure is needed to survive the boss room as the O.Leech’s scaling isn’t great relative to Lady Morana flat out instakilling something. Max power! )

Hall of Guardians: TimeKnight managed to do Faction 300 with Hoard level 100 which is higher than I would have cared to try for. So Hall of Guardians might be possible? Its outside my area of expertise though, I have no clue how much treasure you’d actually need to survive that.