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Is delve a guild killer?

I think the amount of gold required to upgrage your hoard level is ridiculous and needs to be changed quickly…If not,i can see guilds dwindling in number due to the burden put on players to do it all…Guilds are having to change requirements to cope with this due to the time needed for delve and the cost of upgrading delve hoards…With new underworlds kingdoms to come,i can honestly see this becoming a major issue for guilds…What is your view?.

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We have no delve requirements, so no stress created by it. We also have a gold requirement of “not zero” though, so not exactly stressed there either.

So that’s my view. If your real life gets stressed by a video game, it’s not your life that you should sacrifice.

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If Hoard Level 1000 is the declared goal i would agree, the amount of gold needed for that considering we will end up with more than 30 of those is insane.
However i don’t think that is the way to go for several reasons, and while that is a whole other flaw in the system entirely, i think people will eventually focus their gold income on contributions to the guild over hoards again. Delves aren’t going to run away, there is no timed pressure on leveling the hoard so i doubt it will outright kill guild contributions.


You could try one level a day if you play a lot, or go for one hoard level a week.

It might seem poultry but that would be 30 levels of hoard a month, or 52 levels a year.

It’s about making high level delves easier, so that’s why it has a high cost.

per faction? Eventually that’s going to be quite hard…

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I do not think any guild has “delve requirements”,but if a player wishes to proceed to much higher levels,then you have to upgrade the hoard…I also realise the is no timeframe for upgrading

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I think we should all try to choose one we like delving in and focus on that one beyond lv 100 hoard.

For me that’s All Seeing Eye, as there are no Impervious troops, like in Halls of Guardian.

Well, other than each delve’s faction team and faction colors, you’re going to be facing most of the same enemies over and over.

Its about the same, more or less…

I might be able to afford hoard level 1,000 on my 90th birthday :laughing:

Lol, same here, I think it’s something to work towards not something to rush towards!

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As an ‘end gamer’ (oh I hate that term as I always consider there is still something new to conquer, but anyways…) I welcome the gold required to upgrade hoard levels. For most end gamers gold had become an irrelevant resource, but it has now become useful again as opposed to completing that 20th, 30th or 40th legendary task.

I can see this being a struggle for other players, but realistically how high do you need to level each faction? (I know level 100 achieves maximum renown in each faction). My aim is to keep levelling each faction until I have high enough stats to win against level 500 delve with faction only troops.

For me it’s the time required for delve as opposed to the copious amount of gold required. I have now resorted to just doing the minimum 3 battles per delve sigil.

I believe you may be the only person on xbox to achieve 2500 renown in faction, may I please ask which faction and your faction only troop team, or is that a guarded trade secret?

Delves are the main mode that I’ve avoided recently. When time is pushed I don’t do them at all.
We’ve actually just decided to knock all reqs bar gold, seals & GW on the head as trying to complete all the daily/weekly modes is becoming way too much of a grind. Delves add to people leaving but I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re the sole reason…

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Its not a guarded secret, I posted a lot in the other Delve topic.

Unfortunately its 8:20am pst and I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so this will have to do for now: Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Thank you, I have been ‘delving’ (see what I did there…) into that thread, but 521 posts is a lot to read through lol. I figured Crypt Keepers would be the best faction to achieve this, I was trying with Hall of Guardians but was finding it hard. Although my hoard level is only around 100, I see you are at 193 so i will keep upgrading.

Thanks for your help, and sorry all for derailing this thread. Back to topic now…

Regarding the question will delve be a guild killer, I for one have had a bit of a moan in various threads about the time required. But in the end, everybody is in the same boat, so we are all affected equally.

If it isn’t already, It will be when some week-long event is added requiring use of delve troops. I recently quit the game a after spending over a year of daily grinding and well more than $1000 on the game. I would be lying if i said that the decrease in guild output, and the shift of discussion towards delve-related stuff (in the middle of bracket 1 Guild Wars weeks no less) had nothing to do with it.

People say they can just skip it. Keep skipping it and the devs will find a way to make it necessary for top-tier, if not all, players to continue to thrive.

Delves were specifically added as a gold sink to reduce overall LTs across the game. If a guild falls apart over people wanting to improve themselves by delving for ingots & extra troops to power up their kingdoms higher for better stats & more income over time then that’s on the guild’s shoulders for not adjusting to the new environment.

Delves should have minimal negative effects on the majority of guilds unless the guilds are adamantly suicidal.


Delves are just too time consuming, more so when it’s a 24 hour event. How are you suppose to fit it around real life things like work? :joy: I too do them as when I can/want because of the time factor.


Interesting thread.

As @mld-81 has pointed out; they are too time consuming. I agree with him.

To be honest, I haven’t really bothered with Delves much, I probably should play them more than I do, if only to help with levelling kingdom’s and getting ingots.

In response to the OP, I don’t think that it is a guild “killer” as such. It certainly limits some guild activity, mainly trophies (our limit was recently removed in Rock$tar due to the amount of time Delves consume). It also limits gold for LT’s. I wouldn’t say as much in higher guilds as players there between them are able to still contribute a good amount, but for lower level and new guilds, this must be torture!

All in all, I think this was a poorly thought out gold sink.

There is nothing in the Underworld that benefits the guild. Something needs to be added, but at this time, any gaming that takes place in the Underworld has absolutely no kickback, tie, or causation to the guild (excepting your seals for battles). That’s fine, the guilds will adapt or die, but Gems of War, specifically, has always wanted to foster new people joining guilds. The Underworld negates (or rather, is in opposition to) that purpose.