Is anyone else experiencing decreased performance?

Ever since the 1.0.9 update, I’ve noticed drops in the framerate/choppy animations when playing on both
Steam PC and Android tablet. It would be nice to know whether or not the problem is on my end.

I saw your post and enabled the FPS option thru steam. It didn’t drop below 53 and everything seemed to run smoothly.

Confirmed on iPad. I even restarted the tablet to rule out memory problems.

MIne’s been patchy on iPad, but a restart did help… been fine on Steam…

I haven’t noticed anything on PC. The only performance issue I have is a dhjl invading me too much, and winning. >.<


I came here specifically to see if anyone was having the same issues as I am since the patch.

Playing on Steam and since the patch I’m getting lots of stutters as gems fall during matches. Feels like lag.
I hope it’s something they fix because nothing has changed on my end.

Ich have often long loadingtimes in the game since the patch on my pc and even more on my mobile. lots of lost connection and retries too.

I’m getting quite of bit of that myself, but as far as @Exile33’s problem goes; I have not seen any stuttering in regards to gems and such. @Exile33 have you tried turning on the FPS counter on for steam? It might at least give you some indication of what might be going on.