Is Accursed removing first turn barriers?

That is the only thing I can think of why sentinel does not start with a barrier.
I’ll record my next battles at lower speed, but I am guessing that if it triggers on life or armor Accursed removes barrier before the first turn

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Well I solved my own mistery in the very next battle lol

That is what’s happening :smiley:


Curious that if your team was on defense, the barrier would not have been broken. The enemy troop would fire of Accursed and “damaged” your armor prior to your Hero’s Vanguard Talent triggering.


@Kafka and @Cyrup should be able to answer this. I think it’s a bug. I wonder what happens if you get Cursed instead of Accursed.

Also, @Lyya should probably move this to the Bug Report section.

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My guess is that the game is seeing the Accursed hit on Health as being”damage”. I would assume the same would hold if it hit Armor. A hit on Attack or Magic probably would not remove the Barrier. I agree that this doesn’t seem quite right.

I don’t think it is a bug. All troops lost health, armor and magic but hero didn’t lose health it lost the barrier instead.

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If it is not a bug (i.e. working as intended), then I argue that the intent should be changed.

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Barrier blocks 1 instance of damage and accursed taking 2 health is damage so what should be changed?

That makes sense. It is a shame though. I have always felt Barrier was a bit too fragile to begin with. Direct damage removes it. Splash damage removes it. Burning removes it. An enemy Peasant sneezing seems to remove it :smiley:. In all seriousness, I think Barrier should not be taken down unless it takes direct or splash spell damage, skull damage or is dispelled. Of course, if it were beefed up, I probably would lament that it was too strong :thinking:

I understand the reasoning you’re using, but I disagree that it should apply here. In my mind the point of “Gain Barrier at the start of battle” is to protect against a skull match or a spell going off. Protection against start-of-battle traits is so much less important because the amount of damage is so low.

Additionally, I am not thrilled that an enemy hero would retain barrier while the player hero would lose theirs, if the teams were reversed. Seems a bit crap.


i’m guessing the accursed trait was reducing life skill points.

i tested with mang, dust and sand, plague and megavore. anything that destroy or reduce armor doesn’t remove barrier.

plague third trait doesn’t remove barrier on armor reduction but removes barrier on life reduction.

maybe it applies same mechanic for accursed.

is it intended that way, i don’t know. should it work exactly in that fashion for accursed trait, i don’t know.

That does seem a little wonky. A skull hit or spell that would damage armor removes Barrier but other armor damaging/destroying mechanics like Plague’s trait reducing armor doesn’t. It seems very inconsistent. I suppose Accursed falls into this wonky category. Barrier goes down if it is applied to Health. Barrier stays up if it is applied to Armor? However, I thought Mang and Megavore’s spell destroyed Armor and destroyed Barrier but did no damage to Health if Barrier was up.

Here’s a great example on how to internet.
I was writing a long OP on how Accursed shouldn’t remove barrier. BUT THEN, I decided to check my facts.

Based on years of experience of Famine taking away barrier with it’s 3rd trait. I changed my opinion completely.

@jzg, not a bug bud, working as intended.

It should remove the barrier either way. But since it happens mid turn, the troop could get it’s barrier back on the next turn.

If this was an intended pun. Then you win the internet today. @KYLENATOR001, agreed?

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I never said it was a bug, was just trying to figure out what was happening with my barrier :smiley:
Someone asked Lyya to change the category from Gameplay chat

And no, it wasn’t a pun, just a mistype

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Not sure what got to do Famine with this, Famine proc at start of AI turn, not at very start of the match when all buffs are applied and still nothing happened.

However, noticed that too in the fox room (that got accursed) if the 2 points get taken from magic/attack barrier wont disappear otherwise yes.

May not be bug but just one of many lame things in gow.

Solution? we cant change team but we can change talents in delve going to troop screen and changing the talents there, if in the next room there’s an accursed enemy just change from vanguard to smthing else.

Ps:nvm, Famine got accursed too, thought was talking about the aspect of famine trait.

i should clarify that i tested with dwarven gates and no hero at all to avoid unexpected barrier. also plague third trait trigger on 4/5 matches which mean it is still my turn after armor reduction trigger.

You claim it was a mistype, but it was punintended.


I was talking about both.
Either way you lose skill points at the start of the battle.
Famine’s third trait would kick in then as well.
Losing armor or life also causes the loss of the barrier.

If Plague isn’t causing the same thing with life and armor then that’s a bug.