[Investigating] Push notifications (Alerts) on Android Missing

Yeah, it was working fine since Monday, but around reset time today (Sunday) it stopped working.

Edit: A few hours before Monday reset, it started working properly again.

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This bug is definitely not resolved. Some days I get notifications, some days I don’t. Using Android phone and tablet.

I haven’t received alerts of any kind for 10 hours.

Same here, no notifications on Sunday.

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It’s written in the bible that on the 7th day. GoW notifications rested.


Just got the notifications for today - last one was 16 hours ago.

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Yeah - I just got a notification a couple minutes ago.

Notifications aren’t working again. Almost missed a pet I need.

Yep it’s Sunday again.

Another Sunday without notifications. There were a few hours earlier in the week where they were missed but Sundays are the worst. How long is this going to carry on?



As far as I know the tribute notifications are contracted out. How is this company getting away with only having their services work part time?
Or… Have cost cutting measures resulted in only 6 days a week (even that isn’t a 100% reliable anymore) services?

6.3 was the original catalyst of blame. But really I assume it’s the fault of whoever is managing the servers now. They either aren’t aware of this issue or don’t care.


It seems certainly not a priority; even though folks grumble about the notifications being missing every time this happens.

(It’s not just tributes either; pet rescue notifications are useful too, at least for folks that haven’t maxed all the non-faction/non-cosmetic pets, and they’ve been broken for quite a while now in that the notification often has the wrong pet named.)


Back again after a few hours of blackout.

Yep, just got one, although I had collected tribute 10 minutes earlier.

For me (iOS), the notifications have been messed up every Sunday (the day before the weekly reset) for around 4 weeks in a row. 12+ hours without any notification then all the missed messages suddenly flooded in.


We are still investigating what’s causing the Push Notifications to stop working.

The Development Team has been running tests and we have some improvements and further logging which will be implemented later this week.

We’re sorry that this issue is still present and appreciate your patience while we work on getting this fixed.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


It is not only on Android. I reported weeks back iOS still not working.

When this will be fixed?

Seems pretty clear to me, did you miss this reply?

Yes I am a ware of his notification but I wanted approximate date or a time where we can close this issue and resolve it.

My andorid has been working fine with notifications. I get both tribute and pet rescue regularly.

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