[Investigating] Push notifications (Alerts) on Android Missing

Platform, device version and operating system:
My Device is Samsung S10+

Screenshot or image:
Like friends say “can’t screenshot what is missing”

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expected to receive push notifications from kingdom income (tributes) on my phone, like they used to be. But they were gone after the 6.3 update.
Any push notification (alerts) enabled via Gems of War settings did not display.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since Update 6.3

Steps to make it happen again
Wait for tributes or an event to start, simply there’s no notification if you have that set.


Maybe your Android notification permissions reset? Working here.

They’re working for me, Samsung Galaxy S9+

Also not working for me since the update. OnePlus 8 pro.

Edit: all notification settings are unchanged. Game last installed when I got this phone probably (March 2021)

Not working for me.

Pixel 5A

Samsung Galaxy S21+, not working since update.

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Not working for me as well and have reset all notification settings in game and phone.
Samsung galaxy 21+
Edit ad in device info

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Not working for me either on Pixel 4a

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If anyone else is noticing they are no longer working and haven’t already listed what device you are on can you add it to your comment :sparkles:
So we can investigate where the issue may be.

Also confirming, that everyone has already checked their device settings just in case something has reset.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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I did the “turn it on and off again” strategy.

No avail.

Perhaps a patch being tested on a mobile platform for the first time in years prior to release would be a wise strategy.

It literally hasn’t happened since 4x game speed was introduced.

Same issue on Asus ROG Phone 5 despite trying all re-setting I could think of, in-game and out
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Same issue on Samsung s10e here . Yes all my notifications are on and i tried the turn off and on method as well .

Added in some ss to show what alerts are enabled as well as past time my phone got an alert from GoW app. Don’t know if you need it or not though . Anything else yall need to see?

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If anyone else jumps in experiencing the same, as long as your device is included I can add them to my report!

Also if you are still receiving these notifications on an android device (@sls) please also include your device :sparkles:

Same problem on S10, tried turning notifications on and off as well, without success.

Pixel 6 Pro. Same issue as everyone else, no notifications.

Follow up question from the team, when was the last time you reinstalled Gems of War?
Both for those who aren’t getting notifications and for those who are… just as a precaution if there is any link there

15 January 2022
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2 Feb 22 for me

I believe Feb 2022 but not quite sure . And here is the current version number on my s10e

POCO M3, Android 11, I don’t think I’ve re-installed GoW since getting this phone.

Not sure if I’m getting every GoW notification I should though.