Notification issues? Please click and read this thread

Need help trying to figure out who exactly is having Notification issues on their devices. Please comment with your make and model below.
Such as for me…
Samsung Galaxy S9+
If your device is working fine then cool. The devs just need to know about the ones that aren’t please. :grinning:
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Original bug report that’s only gotten worse:

Nokia 8 - pure Android (latest version)

Tribute notifications have been patchy for a few days at least and now I haven’t had any daily or tribute notifications since a few hours before yesterday’s daily reset.


Same issue here, no notifications on Android 9 (OnePlus 7 Pro) since yesterday.

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iPhone Xs Max iOS 12.4. No notifications whatsoever. Did recive on iPhone X (don’t recall the iOS version)

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WIKO Lenny4
Android 7.0
Same issues. get no notifications.

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Xiaomi Redmi 4

My experience with tribute notifications mirrors actreal’s above, and have completely stopped, except for one random one I got today.

Interestingly, all other notifications also seem to have broken down for me! So guild chat, pet rescues, guild events.


I’m only getting tribute notifications occasionally. I am getting pets and events though. Not sure about anything else as they are turned off.
Huawei P10 Lite
Android 8.0.0

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After the last update I got all notifications. A couple days ago I logged into the game and something downloaded. Since then I receive no notifications. I use an LG rebel 4 Android 8.1

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All notifications seem to be back up for me, having slowly woken up after weekly reset.

Including tribute?
I only have that and pet rescues set to notify me. But since last week I still haven’t received a single tribute Notification. But haven’t missed a pet Notification.

Hi everyone, sorry for the delayed reply. Can you please try opting out of all alerts, force closing the game and then re-opening it and opting in again?

Please also ensure that you have the exact same alert settings on all devices you play Gems of War on.

Please also provide this information:
what alerts aren’t appearing? What Guild are you in? an example of a time you expected an alert to go off but didn’t and your timezone?

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I think so – I haven’t played since I woke up, so I’ll collect my tribute, set a timer for 1 hour, and update this as to how it goes. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try opting out and then back in and do the same.