No Tribute Alert!

The Tribute Alert is not working by me but Pet Alert going.

Mine were working yesterday, but not today

I think is it crashed or so

I can confirm this on iOS. I just left my phone sitting alone for more than an hour. I got no tribute notifications, and when my timer went off I received gold for roughly 100 minutes of tribute.

Further, I believe this started around Friday evening, Aussie time. I noticed yesterday that something didn’t seem right, but assumed it was just me missing or dismissing the banner notifications.

Yeah, notifications seem to be broken across the board.

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Started bending a couple weeks ago… Tried to alert the devs about it… But sometimes we have to wait until it breaks for everyone before it can be fixed. Stability should be the 2020 goal for IP2.

It has now been more than a full business day in Australia since I noticed the lack of tribute notifications (though pet notifications are coming through). I realize that Salty has been busy with two streaming events in two days, so maybe I can bug @Cyrup to poke a coder or server person and see what might have happened?

Kafka has been aware of it since last Wednesday at least. I believe, the Notifications are handled outside of IP2. So it’s never an easy fix because essentially IP2 is just the middle man in this scenario. It took me HALF a year to get the PvP Notifications to stop. But ever since then, all the other Notifications have been less than reliable. I think for 1 month Androids had no issues with alerts after the last patch… otherwise it’s been broken since inception almost a a year and a half ago.
If my assumptions are correct and it is contract work. I highly suggest they terminate the contract assuming subpar work is an adequate reason. Then start fresh with a different company. (@Sirrian)

Hi everyone, sorry for the delayed reply. Can you please try opting out of all alerts, force closing the game and then re-opening it and opting in again?

Please also ensure that you have the exact same alert settings on all devices you play Gems of War on.

Please also provide this information:
what alerts aren’t appearing? What Guild are you in? an example of a time you expected an alert to go off but didn’t and your timezone?

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Tried “Turning it off and back on again”


Tribute alerts aren’t appearing.

10 minutes ago I should of received a tribute Notification. I did not receive one. Central Time Zone.

Missed alerts:

  • Guild chat, ~23:00UTC on 19 August
  • Tribute notification, 03:42UTC on 20 August

Step taken: disable and re-enable all desired alert settings. Force quit game and restart

Missed alert:

  • Tribute notification, ~04:43UTC on 20 August

Step taken: disable all alert settings. Force quit game and restart. Re-enable all desired alert settings.

Missed alerts:

  • Tribute notifications, 05:45UTC and 06:45UTC
  • Daily rollover and start of a Delve event, 07:00UTC

I am in the guild Gem Boiz.

Edit to add: I checked my phone’s Notification Center. The last tribute alert I received was Thursday, 15 Aug at 20:00UTC.

I’ll try clearing it. As of this moment, @Kafka, I don’t have a GoW notification from the last 7 days. I have Tributes, Pet, and for some reason event alerts.


We’ve found the issue and a fix should be going out within the next 48 hours.


Things are working for me again as of your post—didn’t even need the two-day waiting period.

My tribute notifications are working. (iOS 12.4).

Seems to be working, yeah. I think the “toggle everything, force quit, then enable what you want” worked? Hard to say.

Tributes are till NOT working on my Samsung S9+ (and based on history…I easily “called” that this would happen.)

Working for me now on my OnePlus 7 Pro

I give us a huge buffer in case something goes wrong, “what’s that? it’s only going to take 5 minutes to fix and deploy?” “hey everyone this will be fixed in 24 hours” :stuck_out_tongue: #SupportTricks

@awryan do you know any other android/samsung users with this issue who could PLEASE post their device details to let us know?
It’s very hard to pinpoint what’s causing your specific issue when you’re the only one reporting it T__T

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Samsung Galaxy S8 here, no alerts.

Hi all, quick update.
I reset all the notifications settings ingame and on my phone then did a reboot of my phone.
It seems to have fixed the tribute alert issue.
I have received 2 tribute alerts thus far.

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